Plane vand and rebelious clans.

I was in my mother's kitchen one day and there were college books sitting on the kitchen table, I walked over to them and they collapsed on me, pinning me to the floor. My Mom just looked at me and told me to stop lying around and get an education.

I am driving in an oversized ugly truck that handles like an airplane. There is a joystick where the steering wheel should be. Also there are dials and numbers everywhere on the dashboard. It is insanely dark inside.

I am Jackie Chan. I am chewing gum on top of a boat like thing trying to win a race by chewing the gum as fast as I can. I am worried that I won't win.

I am driving a normal van now, I am going to various places I've been in different dreams. For some reason there is a woman sitting beside me and she is yelling at me for some reason. I assume this is my girlfriend. I happen to be breaking every traffic law invented. I finally make my way to a large park with a waterfall in the center. There is a group of people there that are trying to overthrow the government.

I am now a police chief and the city I am in is significantly bigger. I am told via a police radio that a man is stealing a lamppost in broad daylight. I find this man and he is doing what the radio said he would be doing. He gets away from me (because I am more overweight than I am in real life, most likely because police chiefs are all over weight. I also have a mustache) after claiming that cops are all stupid.

A newscaster says that she can't figure out where the government overthrowing clan came from. I hear this and accept it.

I think I am no longer a police chief as I step back into the plane-van. This time as I step inside there's a sign that says, "you're so soft" in giant white and red lettering.

I am having a flashback, to when a mouse bit a snake, causing someone to fall over the waterfall. I was trying to save him but I was too late. An opposing clan thought I pushed him, and started a war with the clan I currently belonged to, so my clan fled to a different city.

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