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67-Or Ask Alex: February & March (rough draft).
66-Or Ask Alex: January (rough draft).
65-Unscaled Ladders: An experience.
64-Being Anti-Wicked: A good link.
63-Thoughts From A Head Full Of Acid: Plus Thor.
62-Thinking About Weed Addiction: THINKIN'
61-Shroom Zooming: Intense shroom mistake.
60-Holy Shit, We just Ate 30 Grams Of Shrooms.: We are such champs.
59-Wicked-tura: What it's like to do too much datura.
58-Doubletree Drunk: First "worst kid" night.
57-Free Your Mind: A nice wallpaper for your computing machine.
56-Liquid Crystal: A tripped out adventure.
55-ORANGE CHICKEN: Shroom trip.
54-Imagery: A humorous sign.
53-Psychonautical: A tripper writes what he hears behind him.
52-Psychonautical Gif: Swirling colours.
51-Psychonautical: Epilogue?
50-Psychonautical: The (not) final entry.
49-Myspace: LSD's Myspace.
48-Dream: The Second Last
47-Psychonautical Art: Right There. (A visual on LSD)
46-Dream: Red Eye.
45-Psychonautical Art: Inside My Ear.
44-Psychonautical Art: Ronald Love Heart.
43-Dialogue: Yer Face Isn't Alive Anymore.
42-Dream: the Establishment.
41-Psychonautical Wallpaper: A sweet Evvieco/drug themed wallpaper.
40-Psychonautical Comic: Ghost Bus.
39-Psychonautical: What happens.
38-Accopustic: Episode 3.
37-Psychonautical: New to Shrooms or LSD?
36-Dream: Vet Zombies.
35-Psychonautical: Is This For You?
34-Psychonautical: All I Can Do.
33-Dream: I couldn't get away.
32-Psychonautical Art: Mario likes Psilocybin.
31-Psychonautical: Lucy in the sky is the shit.
30-Psychonautical: Salvia is not for everyone.
29-Psychonautical: First time with Salvy Dee.
28-Psychonautical: First LSD trip log.
27-Article: Why you should do drugs.
26-Article: The System Sucks.
25-Psychonautical: Two experiences with Salvia D.
24-Psychonautical: The old write then trip, then trip again.
23-Psychonautical: Stuck to a wall.
22-Article: Attention bald people.
21-Psychonautical: Large journey.
20-Psychonautical: Thought on a trip.
19-Art: The night we almost died of laughter.
18-Article: Fuck you Dalton.
17-Psychonautical Art: How shrooms on tuesday usually are.
16-Psychonautical: Eh Poemette.
15-Dream: Light crabs and brass elephants.
14-Psychonautical: A shroom too many.
13-Picture: Sonj's paper.
12-Picture: Aurora Borealis pt.2.
11-Picture: Aurora Borealis pt1.
10-Accopustic: Episode 2.
09-Mail: A letter recieved from some sort of church.
08-Art: Pie and Robot.
07-Psychedelic Art: Coming Down.
06-The Proj Entry 01: A welcome and how this column will work
05-Dream: Plane-vans and rebellious clans.
04-Dreams: Dead animals and the lottery.
03-Dream: Intimidating water
02-Dream: Baby throwing.
01-4 Gentlemen: Introduce yourself to the four gentlemen.

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