Proj Entry 01
A welcome and how this column will work

Welcome to The Proj. Our goal here at The Proj is to create a fake identity, which is considered things like lame, stupid, pathetic, an oddity, generally speaking. We then use this identity on the internet, in chat rooms, forums, blogs, etc to create instances with other people who actually are lame, pathetic etc which we consider to be interesting or funny. After that we chronicle the experiences in entries on this website for everyone to see. If you're interested, please continue onward by reading the entries as they come. Let us bring you into the Proj world. We'll take this first entry to go in depth about how we came to create this site and how it's going to work.

White writing symbolizes that Evvie is the one who's responsible for the text. This grey text is when Justin is the one writing. Text that shows up blue is a clickable link.

This whole idea is mainly credited to justin as he's responsible for the initial idea. At first we were slow in production because we were being too cautious with it and didn't even know how it was going to work ourselves. That is the purpose of this entry, uh huh, we're figuring it out as we go. We tried to make some profiles for the first character when we were drinking one night but we ended up losing most of the information. Then Justin told me to go ahead and do most of the work so it could actually get done a few days ago.

There's going to be a general process in which we're going to do this.
-Create a character and make some chat/blog/forum etc accounts
-Meet and communicate with similar outraegeous characters, except they're real (or faking like us)
-Record the interesting instances on this website

We will not ever give links to the character's accounts, if we did that it would jeopardize the Proj. Instead we will copy and paste text and take screenshots when necessary.

At the end of each entry we will tell you our plans for the next entry. Like this:

Next Entry: Meet Richard Fagg.

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