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February & March (rough draft)

February 3rd

False alarm, Dad got a new job. That was fast.

February 4th

I'm not doing so hot in school the past bitů I think it has something to do with me skipping to hang out with friends. Yeah, that's gotta be it. Jokes aside, I'd better start going to some classes, at least to pick up the work. I'm glad I have parents that won't get on my case for things like this. They either trust me to be responsible or don't care either way.

February 8th

I'm going to the movies with a MMMMMMINT girl on the weekend. I'm going to try to stick it in her. Not going to try too hard because she seems a bit uptight about that sort of thing, but I am FOR SURE going to try. Actually I don't know that about her, I could totally end up getting laid. I just assume she won't go for it because she's a girl and for whatever reason girls don't usually want to get bizzy at this age.

February 11th

The movie was boring. Didn't get any. She was sort of annoying too. I wonder if she picked up on it that I was bored. Probably not, she seemed to not notice much. I don't think there was too much going on in her head to begin with. I should stop hanging out with hot chicks, as weird as that sounds. I get along way better with your average (and below average) looking girl. Why is that? Why does it seem the more beautiful you are the less intelligent you are? Is it because beautiful people spend too much time trying to look good that they learn less? Or maybe it's that they don't get made fun of in school so they don't get all introverted and resort to books/movies/games/hobbies and thus they end up learning less? I'm writing out of my ass here. I don't actually believe hot chicks are dumber, it just really seems like it through the girls I've met. Also I wish sex drives between the genders were more in sync. Health class says women get hornier as they get older and men less so. Right now it feels like I could fuck the whole female population of the school. Every night I wank it to a different girl I have class with. I'm actually going in alphabetical order.

February 12th

I've never moved in my life. Never changed houses. I wonder what it'd be like sometimes to live in a completely different place. I think I might like it if we had to move. I'm finding it hard to come up with things to write in here. I might stop writing.

February 14th

Valentine 's Day. Does anyone still celebrate it? I didn't do anything for it, Grandma and Grandpa came by for a visit and we all just sat around and watched TV. I'm not even sure if anyone in the room was aware of it being Valentine's Day at all. Did we even talk?

March 17th

I've been eating so much food lately. Just fucking gorging myself. Mom is always telling me to slow down or I'll choke, and Dad keeps saying "slow down Mikey!" I don't know what that means. I think it's from some old TV show or commercial or something. I'm not putting on any weight, nor am I worried about it, I'm just extra hungry lately. Growing boys and all that.

March 22nd

Know what pisses me off? When people complain about being assimilated into societal norms. You know what I mean? Complaining about having to all dress the same and like the same things and act a certain way. Why complain about it and then still do it? It's retarded. Are you really that weak willed that you can't wear what you like and do what you like? Make your own decisions. Don't blame it on everyone else that you're a coward. What are you afraid of? Some people act totally differently when they're among different friends. I try to be the same version of myself as I am when I'm alone, but when I'm with different friends, yeah, I have different in jokes and I share different forms of humor with them, and talk about other topics but I'm still myself. I can't believe how bad some people are for this.

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