Or Ask Alex
January (rough draft)

Authour Anonymous

Or Ask Alex is based on the totally not fake journal of a teenage drug user. It is not a definitive statement on the teenage drug world. It might offer some solutions. It is kind of a personal and specific chronicle (in some parts). As such it'd be okay with us if it provided some insight into the problems of today's complicated world. Names dates places and certain events have been changed in accordance with the wishes of just about no one.
-The Editors

January 11th

I bought this diary because I feel like I have a lot to say that nobody cares about hearing, so it's best to write it down. It feels pretty good! Yesterday I was a pretty miserable fuck. Yesterday feels like 2 seconds ago. Time is passing so quickly now, and things seem to be getting pretty monotonous. Get up, go to school, come home, have some dinner, chill out, then bed. I really wanna do something with my time. I want to get more active, maybe pick up a hobby or something. I don't have much going on in my life. I figure writing this journal will help me get my shit in order.

My room is a mess. I don't think anyone cares except me. When my friends are over they sit in literal piles of trash and don't seem to mind. Neither of my parents seem to care either. Mainly, I wanted to write about yesterday. There was this girl I sort of wanted to ask out, and did but then I changed my mind and didn't show up where we planned to meet. I felt pretty bad about it. Dunno why I did that. I was tired and I guess I might not be all that into her. She seems a bit "fake".

January 12th

School was actually pretty fun. The first half of the day was an assembly so we ducked out and got some pizza. My one buddy smokes, he always offers me ciggies and I always turn him down. He thinks it's funny. We found out later that the assembly was about smoking. Jenn told me that there was a woman presenter that said if she catches anyone smoking outside the school at the bus stop she'll call the cops. It seems like everyone had a good laugh about the whole thing. At least it was good for that. The last half of the day the teachers let us have catch up time. Since I have everything done already I just sat there and read. Even the bus ride home was better than normal. I mean as far as bus rides go. This time, no one flicked any pennies at the bus driver, nor did they throw any pudding. Odd for that not to happen.

January 14th

Dad's bday was so fuckin' fun. I never thought I'd have such a blast at an old person's birthday party. He gave me beers all night, he must figure I'm old enough since legal age is so close. I got trashed and he thought it was hilarious. He was wasted too.

January 15th

I have to poop. I have to poop something fierce. I gotta take a huge shit. I am drunk.

January 22nd

I haven't written this past week because everything has been so hectic and fun. I'm suddenly getting along so much better with everyone. I don't know what happened, but it seems like everyone I talk to falls in love with me! I must have met at least 5 new friends this week. I was expecting highschool to be dull but I'm having a great time so far. Everything's peachy lately. I've been losing weight and getting toned up, might be why girls seem to be a bit more interested in me. I wasn't in bad shape to begin with though. I think they just like how happy I've been this past week. Dad also confirmed that he doesn't care if I get drunk, as long as I do okay in school and don't drink and drive or anything stupid like that, which is perfectly fine with me. Yesterday Candice had a party and I brought the booze. It was good times, and I was a party hero.

January 27th

Bummer. Dad got laid off. He says we might have to move if he can't find a job nearby. On the bright side he can get some sort of wacky pension for a year or two so we don't have to worry about eating macaroni and cheese every night.

I'm gonna order a pizza.

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