Unscaled ladders
An experience

it was an ordinary day like any other in my life, i was strolling along looking like a particular hippy. i met some strangers in a bar that seemed ok and told me they had some lab grown shrooms fresh from nevada.

it turned my head so i got their phone number and such and went off, high as a kite in my motglots. i went to a friends house and told them the story. sal and dean seemed impressed with my story about the shrooms and came up quickly with cash to score some of these lab shrooms.

we met the guys and exchanged money for product and went our happy separate ways. later after sal and dean and i got back to sals place is when things started to get weird. we separated the shrooms and as it always was i got the giant share.

for a long time that night everything was fairly shroomy apparent but then things got strange, i got strange everyone got strange, i felt like i wanted to escape my own existance. dean and me started a spiritual fight over a lighter and his holiness sal had fire streaming from his forehead and i knew i had to get off the planet.

so i ran out the door and down the street, started looking in the sky for a nice hang out but all i saw was streaking comets and strange signs in the sky. i started going back to my friends house but before i got there, suddanly his neighbor started pulling out of his driveway and his tail lights flashed in my brains like 50 billion watts of power.

i walked over and put my hand on his door and said hey there friend. he suddenly started screaming murder and as i was tripping my balls off i started screaming murder as well. then his wife came out and started screaming murder with a baseball bat. his neighbor came out with a hammer started screaming murder and suddenly again i was in a fight for my life.

well. after seemingly hours or minutes i dont know, the police showed up and i thought i was saved. well they told me to defend myself and started to beat upon me like i was some kind of mutant parasite, i remember just going into some weird mushroomic ex military shock and just defending my life. i don't know how many were there, later i did find footprints on my back. never wondering whose they were. I woke up once in the ambulance covered in blood asking one cop to kill me.

next day i woke up in the er chained to a bed, when let up to go to the bathroom, i saw myself in the mirror and was instantly reminded of the elephant man when the kids were throwing stones at him. i started laughing and screaming in to the mirror that i was a human being. cops and nurses and doctors came running in and doped me up.

next day i was escorted in chains with broken ribs and lots of shoving and screaming to jail in a paddy wagon and one black guy said to me he would be out killing cops after he got out if he was me. i simply replied, i'm glad im not you and hung my head down and tried to remember who i was.

when the court judge saw me she threatened to throw all of pg county police in the jailhouse. later i was convicted of carjacking and assaulting police officers cuz they broke their fists upon me.

one year later i was pulled over and minorly harrased by some other pg county cops, asking me about my felonys and when they let me go. they chuckled and said, yeah those guys in that precinct are killers. fin

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