Thoughts From A Head Full Of Acid
Plus Thor.

Things I am afraid of today:
Getting hit by a car
The house catching fire
Not enough light
People thinking I am unintelligent

Secret apple bites
My Computer Box
Photography on acid
Tootsie blow pops are essential and so excessive
it's ok to turn off the lights now
bordering on funky
happiness in the background and jubilation in the foreground
alpha boots
a deep longing for a writing utensil
acid is an advanced sense of humour
apocalypse curb now


The last time I did shrooms I saw Thor, God of Thunder.

There was about six of us and we were wandering around outside in the middle of a snow storm and we saw a house at the bottom of a hill that had huge icicles hanging from it. The tallest of our group ran through the deep snow hill and grabbed an icicle (which was probably about 3 feet long) and charged back up the hill. His hair blew violently in the wind and he held the icicle up with one hand as he charged at us. He was Thor and I fell in love with him at that moment.

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