Thinking About Weed Addiction

Ah you want me to write about drugs ah? Ah> alright/

Ive been thinking about weed addiction there eh and I don't think its possible now do you? Ah> nah I don't. well then. Theres some ridiculous peeps n shit but they aint addicted. If they wanted to they would stop but they ah don't ah? They don't cuz they don't see why they should ah there eh. They don't think its hurtin em in any way there. And it aint hurtin em and there aint no proof that ther eh? If something were tah happen or nothing they could stop lickety split there ah.

An addiction is usualh where yah feel like shit without right. Don't feel like shit without ah eh there now. Do you.

Ah. It's the combustion ther ah that a hurtin on em. You blow shit up in yer lungs nah mattah what it is ah its gonnah hurt ya in the long haul of things ther. If you gota case of deaf from anyone you go ahead and ah send it right to someone who runs this site now and hell post it right up there as to not direct ah anyone in the wrong way now.

Weed aint hurt ya you. You right there it aint hurt you. You shoulnda have anything against it. But you read this site here so you don't now do you. So Im making my case now. There aint no one addicted to weed it's a buncha bolgna. Get outta the face.

Other drugs now they addict yah like zebra cakies.

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