Shroom Zooming
Intense shroom mistake.

As soon as I woke up, I threw some clothes on, brushed my teeth and cleaned myself up a bit. I had a hard time sleeping because I worked ridiculously late the night before and I was too excited to zoom. I ended up getting out of bed at 5pm, feeling shitty, but still determined to get messed up on shrooms anyway. I wanted to show them to Amanda, my girlfriend because she'd never done them before and wanted to. She tried them before but nothing much happened. I didn't want to do shrooms on an empty gut so I ate a bagel with cream cheese and drank milk, even though I wasn't hungry. So far I had made two mistakes that I knew better than to make, but for some reason I did them anyway, I was way too caught up in trying to make Amanda's night enjoyable that I took almost no consideration towards myself. I really shouldn't have had the bagel or the dairy products as they usually make me slightly nauseas in normal situations. I wasn't relaxed either and had just woke up, all of these things can ruin a trip, and from my experience, usually do without fail. Every time.

I got a big fucker of a plate out and divvied up the shrooms between us. I wanted to get really messed up that night. I called my friend Tom up and let him know I was about to bite into some zoomers and he should do his too and then we'd meet up at the park in the middle of the city. So everything was arranged and we went at it. We used some normal chocolate bars to get the wickedness down easier by chewing up some of the bar and then popping some of the shrooms in our mouths and then swallowing. It makes it a whole fucking lot easier. She didn't finish all of hers, she got sick of eating them and figured she would get messed up enough. I, on the other hand was worried I wasn't going to get an optimal high from them and ate a few bites extra, along with licking the plate clean of all the dust, which there was a lot of.

Before I was even done chewing, Amanda and I left the house to meet Tom and Co. at the midtown park. Pretty much as soon as we went around the corner I could feel them kicking in. Cars that were passing by us seemed like they were moving in slow motion. Their headlights seemed extra bright, and they soothed me. It felt like everyone was awake with us, the entire city was looking out for each other and for once I felt good about having hundreds of human beings around me, to help us out should we need it. Around the next corner I started feeling sick to my stomach, and this made me panic a little because I didn't want to throw up and lose my high. Plus I just didn't want to experience throwing up while on mushrooms. I gagged a little bit but nothing came of it. This is when the trees started to glow orange, along with the general atmosphere. Slowly the world around me would pulsate to a different hue. When we reached the midtown park we met up with Tom and his crew. They were all high as well by that point.

I started to really feel sick at this point and had to sit down. The others said they'd wait for me and started playing all over the playground. Some were laying down on it and others were climbing and jumping everywhere, while others were just feeling the various materials it was made from. Watching them move around and experiment with it started to scare me a bit for some reason. I think it was because I realized that we weren't in a safe state of mind and that we may look suspicious to people, and I didn't want to have to deal with cops. I worried for a moment and then went back to feeling too sick to concentrate on anything. The idea of my sickness being just part of my imagination occurred to me and asked the others to convince me it was all in my head. They sprang into action, and did a good job of convincing me and for a brief minute I believed them and felt better, but then that little nagging voice in the back of my mind piped up to warn me that I was sick. I could not accept that I was sick to my stomach and I was trying to deny it most of the night. This is why I didn't have that great of a time. Let me just recommend to everyone now; if you start feeling sick on mush, only try to keep it down for a little while, don't fight it if it sticks around for more than half an hour. It's best to just let it fly because you're most likely not gonna have a good time if you feel like tossing your shit the whole time.

We set off for the up town park after that because it seemed like a good idea. We didn't know what we wanted to do there exactly but I was fine with it because it was near my house and I desperately wanted to go home. On the way there most of them started smoking and the smell of it was so intense, I felt like I was being gassed so I fell far behind them to avoid it. One of the guys that were with us had tar black misshapen teeth and he started to talk to me. All I could think was "HOLY FUCK GET THIS GREMLIN OUT OF MY FACE!" of course he started smoking too, so I fell back even farther to the point where the ones ahead of us had to stop and wait for me to catch up.

Some fat chick came walking by us at once point. Her clothes were the incorrect size for her body. By the look of her she wasn't accepting that she didn't look to great in her clothes, or didn't care. I remember her face doing crazy shit and as soon as she got close to me it exploded in snot and mucus all down the front of her tits. There was a huge string of it dangling from her face. I couldn't help myself, I pretty much yelled "holy shit!" I was startled like fuck and I jumped back a little.

Further up the road some of my other friends were in a car and pulled over to the side of the road ahead of us to say hey. One of the crew, Reginald (who was way more fucked than everyone else except maybe me) thought they were cops and was sketching out. I had to assure him that my car friends weren't cops. I questioned myself as to weather or not those were actually my friends in the car but I was pretty sure. They were as it turned out. They wanted me to look in the car so they could see my pupils but I refused. The inside of that car was a black hole to the plains of oblivion where the bloodgrass would take hold of my nipples. I dared not look. They questioned me why I wasn't answering my phone, but I didn't much know what a phone exactly was or where it was, and I was having a fuck of a time understanding them. They eventually let me free.

Mathias the white knight was with us. He was sober as could be and he was from Canada, Montréal, and he had a crazy way of talking, well, what sounded crazy, but was probably the normal mode of speech where he's from. He made me feel comfortable. He was wearing all white, white pants, shirt, sweater, hat and shoes. I asked him if he was real, because I thought I might have imagined him for a minute. He said he was. I think he was but I'm not sure, still. I asked him if he was on shrooms too, but he said "nope, me sober." Most of his sentences ended with "all riiight" or "heh heeehhh" at first it bothered me but the more I talked to him I started to like it. He almost made me forget I felt sick.

The others kept having to stop and wait for me because periodically I would have to stop to gag and concentrate on keeping the shrooms in my stomach. Before we were about to go over the bridge I decided to slay the beast and puke. I couldn't take it anymore, I challenged my body to give me it's worst, and it did. As I was hunched over, hosing down some unlucky citizen's front yard with my psilocybin spray, I noticed there were mushrooms growing where I threw up and they transformed into skeletal hands that reached up at my face, trying to pull me down into the ground. I wrenched my head back skywards to escape them and asked my body if it had any more for me and to show me what it's got. It did and then I was purged. I felt quite a bit better after every opening in my head stopped pouring out it's respective fluid. I wiped my face with my coat sleeve and went over the bridge towards up town park.

When we finally got there we all laid down on the behemoth of a grassy hill that was there and stared up at the sky. By this time it was dark out but clouds were still highly visible. They ran past like a river. Among the clouds I saw black beings peeking out from behind them, and every so often I'd see one dart by my peripherals. I didn't feel sick any more but I was afraid I had taken a lethal dosage. I knew I only took a normal amount but there was that nagging voice of doubt egging me on, closer to the edge. The others laid there giggling off and on, which also got to me. As if they were laughing at me. The whole time Amanda barely got high at all and ended up looking after me and worrying over me the whole time. She told me later that when she would try to talk to me I couldn't respond coherently. I remember that, I felt trapped inside my head because I couldn't form a sentence she would understand with my mouth. Like how an astronaut must feel when he gets knocked out into space away from the space station and there's absolutely no control over his situation, all he can do is float there and be terrified and helpless, completely out of his element.

After we left the park we split up for the walk home. The closer I got to my house the more and more joy I felt. Eventually I reached the optimal amount of joy I feel normally on shrooms. Amanda also started to get higher and more emotional. I had to try to talk her out of feeling sad for her not seeing her family as much as they wanted her to. The moment we got in the house it was an orgasm of wicked. The sight of my room and desk alone made me nearly weep with joy. We spent the rest of the trip just talking at our kitchen table. We felt like when we were first dating again and had to come to the realization that we can kiss, and we can hug and GOD DAMN did that ever feel awesome. Eventually we got tired and boarded the snugabunny express to cuddle town and that was just fine.

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