What it's like to do too much datura.

The night started off with a bunch of us wanting to get wasted, I don't really want to mention anyone's name so ill try to talk as little about those fuckers who tricked me as possible. I didn't drink many beers , I think I maybe had 7 or 8 but this was back in the day, when I didn't drink as much so I was pretty drunk. We were all sitting there when the idea struck one of us to go and grab some datura(death) from down the street off of someone's lawn. Yes this stuff can be found almost anywhere. Anyway we grabbed I think maybe 3 full sized plants. When we got back all of us gathered into the house and into the kitchen, because someone suggested that we make some tea out of this shit. I started off by grabbing a pot and filling it with water, then I started ripping apart some of the plants, I grabbed seed pods, leaves, flowers, the stem, everything. I looked into the pot after a while and already I was getting a bad feeling about this shit, it looked like pure poison, it even smelled like it too. At the time I didn't read up on datura at all, I just heard some things from friends, who only read about it and never tried it, so I was feeling really uneasy about it, but I'm a fucking idiot when I'm drunk, and if someone dares me to do something ill do it. No body really dared me but that's the way I looked at it, because no one else wanted to do a lot of it. I think everyone there took a little sip or so, and one other person took a pretty big gulp so I wasn't the only one who tried it, but they took so little that it didn't do anything to them at all. Smelling the pot again, and seeing the grossed out look on everyone's face after they drank it I decided to add some tea bags to it, to take the fucking rank taste down a little bit(didn't work). After about five more minutes I was ready. I grabbed some cheesecloth out of a drawer and put it over a cup, and then I poured the contents of the slime/tea from the pot into the cup, I filled it up about 2 thirds of the way and almost gagged from the smell.

Now everyone has moved out into the living room and were watching a movie or some shit, I cant really remember, but im still hesitant towards taking this shit, just because of the way it smelled, and because of the "oh shit he's gonna do it" look on everyone's face every time I brought the cup close to my mouth. Those cock suckers new I was gonna get fucked up. Finally I said fuck it and drank the liquid. Holy shit…….I knew from that point that I was fucked and there was no turning back, it tasted like drinking a cup of nuclear waste. About ten minutes went by and nothing very noticeable happened yet, I was feeling that anxious feeling you bet when you take any sort of drug but that's about it. So for a few minutes everyone kept asking me if I was feeling anything yet. Nothing. "hey this stuff isn't so bad" I thought to myself , I wasn't getting any visuals at all……..but almost instantly after I finished saying that to myself in my head I looked up at some candles on a shelf, they were moving oddly, like when your out in the sun and u look at something in the distance and you can see it moving from the heat. I decided not to mention this to anyone and felt the need to get a beer, but when I got up to get a beer my legs gave out, the two fuckers that I rely on the most gave out. I hit the floor pretty hard I presume. From this point on everything was fucked, when I tried lifting my arm it felt like there was a house resting on the fucking thing, when I tried to talk it was like there was a jocks Gym sock stuck in my mouth, no words would come out. I laid on the floor like this for a long time, I don't know how long but when I regained consciousness into reality everyone was gone.

I got up and walked around for a bit, kind of pacing back and forth( I do the same thing at home on acid). I was actually feeling completely fine, like I wasn't high or crippled anymore. So I walked upstairs to get a drink from the bathroom after seeing that there were no beers left, when I got into the bathroom the first thing that caught my eye was the mirror…..HOLY FUCK its an evil copy of me, and that son of a bitch was doing everything that I did, he was mimicking me in every way, why would someone do this to me? It was different though, because all the time he was copying me he just stared at me, with a fucking grin on his face, I didn't know what to do, so I argued with him about who was the real being and who was the fake. I don't know exactly how long I sat there talking to myself in the mirror but it had to have been hours, or it felt like it anyway. Finally I snapped out of it, I wasn't high again , man was I happy, I looked into the mirror for a split second and turned away and closed my eyes. I turned away because I looked like a fucking animal, like some sort of lizard, I had green skin. So I sat there for a few minutes with my eyes closed trying to figure out how it was possible for me to be so high that I could argue with myself in the mirror, ah well I didn't care anymore I needed a drink and something to eat, so I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw the weirdest fucking plant I had ever seen in my life, it looked sort of like datura but way too intense to be a real plant. I kind of dazed off into my mind for a second, remembering some things that my friends had told me about datura, and I remember one of them telling me about a story where a guy took it, and saw the mother plant, the mother plant told him to castrate himself, and to cut off his own tongue. I certainly did not want either of those things to happen to me, so I ran as fast as I could out of the bathroom and met up with one of my friends at the stairs, but I was too scared so I tried to push him out of the way, when I did it was like he was a ghost because I went right through him and fell down about 20 stairs. I'm pretty sure I was knocked out for a little bit.

Anyway im getting tired of writing so im gonna sum it up, I woke up in the morning still fucked up. I was arguing with my friend about wether he had a twin brother or not(he didn't). After that I decided to finally go home so I made my way through downtown, but when I walked by a friends house I could have sworn that someone in the basement was calling me to go in and jam for a bit. So hearing these voices telling me to come in and jam made me wonder if they were real or not, I could only find out one way so I went in. When I got in the door it was only his dad sitting at his computer desk, he asked me what I was doing, and I remember opening his fridge or something to get a drink. This probably alarmed his dad so he called for my friend, who just came out of the shower. When he got downstairs I was talking to him in gibberish, saying things like" man if u put a pespi on a pot man in a chili cook off" it was fucked. Finally he shooed me out of the house and I made it home.

At home I was still fucked up, I saw people in my room, I was letting friends over, and I was pretty much having a big party, but there was actually no one there. After a while my dad came over( it really was him) and he noticed that I was tripping out, so he phoned my mom and told her to come home right away, that something was wrong with me. When she got home, she examined me and shit and then took me to the hospital. By the time I was at the hospital I was only getting slight visuals, I was starting to come through. The nurses asked me what happened and I said I was at a party, so they assumed someone slipped something in my drink, so I went along with that. After convincing my parents that it was something slipped into my drink i got put in a room all by myself, and I laid there for hours, it was seriously like 4 hours. When those 4 hours were over doctors came in to the room, and hooked a bunch of pads with wires and shit to my chest, then they stuck iv's in me, it fucking sucked, I just wanted it all to be over.

Finally the doctors were done their tests and they saw that there was datura in my blood, they asked me if I had known of taking any, I said no obviously. So soon after that I was on my way home again, I went to sleep and woke up feeling a little weird but otherwise fine. The only thing that scared me is the fact that I kind of stuttered for a week, and I couldn't read any sort of writing at all.

Yeah that's my story about my trip on datura……even though the story may sound scary or whatever, everyone should try this shit at least once, but not as much as I did (unless you really want to be that fucked).

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