Doubletree Drunk
First "worst kid" night.

So I recently had a work party. Apparently they were usually pretty good. The hype had gotten to me and I was excited about the whole deal. It turned out to be at the Doubletree hotel, so I got a room for cheap with my buddy Jason.

Firstly, I'm underage so i couldn't order from the bar. Luckily there was wine at the table. Red and white. So I'm drinking wine, red wine, and downing it, glass at a time, while jay is saying "Hey man fuck, this is fucking great eh? if you ever need anymore just tell me brother, I'll fuckin' order it right up for you buddy!" SO "we" get another bottle. Im still drinking that, starting to get a little tipsy.

Later that night, they found me passed out, sprawled in the hall of the tenth floor. My room is on the 7th. The employees who found me had to carry me to my room.

I woke up the next morning without a clue. Jay had not said a word to me during the drive home other than "Anything and everything brother" in reply to my inquiries about the night. When they told me about this at work, I thought they were fucking with me for sure, but no, it all really happned. As i was accepting this reality i learned more about my sloppy spectacle. I also groped and grinded with my manager Tim, was made to stand next to my other boss for the duration of an activity (can't remember) while she stood there with her arms crossed, was hollering obscenely with Jay during the awards, hitting on 14/15 year olds (and i have a girlfriend) which caused another girl who likes me to run out in a storm (crying?), almost got hit by a guy, fell into a girl in her room and crushed her shoulder, tripped another, pissed off my bosses, drank another glass of vodka upstairs, and some hynotiq (??? I've never consciously had this before) blazed a bunch of weed and generally acted like a complete ass, proceeding to humiliate myself until late in the night; after finishing off around 2 bottles of wine a few beers and some other liquor. I have no recollection of any of this.

The next day at work, EVERYONE knew. I got laughed at so hardcore. I was afraid. News around my old high school got to my girlfriend about it, and even my music teacher called the next day to check up on me. EVERYONE knew. I have never been to that point before...where I am not in control anymore. The wine was inside and had taken over. I've also pretty much never been to the point where i remember nothing either; especially of hours on end, and it just had to be in front of my complete staff and more. Though, I am relieved and proud to say I did not barf. I called people and apologised the proceeding day, and up until this day I am hearing even more stories. The one time i get too drunk, that is what has to happen. Awesome.

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