Liquid Crystal
A tripped out adventure.

i was at a friends house collecting what was left of my vile of liquid crystal wash lsd,when my buddy gave it back,i got mad cuz it was considerably drained,and i said to him this is'nt enough to get a fly high,so i downed what was left in the vile,about ten drops,and got in my truck to go home,,about ten minutes away,,well about fve minutes later i started tripping really hard and could'nt understand the road signs anymore or figure out where i lived,my cell phone had fell on the floor and i could'nt reach it,i drove all the way to baltimore(about 45 min.past my house,then realized i was past my house and turned around(still not being able to read the road signs at all,but my driving skills were perfect,all the signs had seemed to turn into a horrible language from another galaxy) and drove to richmond va,(about two hours past my house the other direction,then i wound up in dc looking at the capital((still trippingreally hard), at some point i remember talking to a homeless person in front of the white house about the state of the union,,i guess it might have been the president,who knows?,i mean i was baking,then somehow i got on route 50,and was going towards the bay bridge((did'nt know where i was going at the time)),suddenly the cars were stopping,i thought it was an accident or something,(it was really the toll to the bay bridge),when i got to the toll booth, there was this huge women collecting the toll,i kept looking at her cuz she looked like a beached whale,it really looked like a crane had lifted her intact inside the booth onto the bridge and i was just freakin out,i musta sat there 15 mins or so cuz all the cars behind me were honking and she kept screaming(250), i really did'nt understand what she wanted though,at first,,and she kept right on screaming two fifty and i kept looking at her and wondering how she fit into that little booth((i mean she was really large,finally i figured out what she wanted ,but to my horror,i could only find 175 in change,after she screamed two fifty to me about a hundred times,i threw the money at her and floored it,,needless to say about four cops came flying up behind me with they're lights on,(i was still tripping my balls off),i pulled over at the top of the bridge(which i think is what saved me,i think they thought i was gonna jump,,well the cops pulled me out of my car and searched me and gave me about ten breathilizer tests,,which i passed(i was'nt drunk,,hehe)but after a little while,the cops started to look like trolls to me,and the more i looked the more they looked like trolls,,(and i was thinking((fuckin bridge trolls)),,finally they bought my story about not meaning to get on the bridge and not having 250 and they let me go,then as i was driving i heard someone calling my name what what seemed like out of thin air,i was like hello, hello,then i recognized my wife's voice,and i was like pam,whare are you,she said you called me,and i replied,i have'nt got a phone,i don't know how but my phone somehow from the floor had dialed my wifes number (weird)still can't explain that,and how could i hear her,this was kinda before speaker phones on cell phones,(super-human lsd induced hearing?) ,,finally i pulled over and rummaged around on the floor and found it,then she directed me home safely,,other things happened that night that are hard to describe but no less insane,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jebus zeus

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