Shroom trip.

Well where do I was sometime last summer.

Me and my friend chip were planning on this occasion for several days. I just had to wait to get a paycheck; I was the one who had paid for the whole batch. It was on a good sky blue day, and everything was going my way, which was odd. Anyways, I woke up and went to get my check. In a very Charlie and the chocolate factory was, I ran to chips house and woke his ass up. He called the shroom girl and she had said that the deal could be made later. We waited. Soon another friend, Rich, had heard that we planned on living beautiful that day, so he came over. He had 10 bucks that he gave to me in return that he lived beautiful as well. Chip's little brother wanted in on the mix as well. and here's where it begins

so anyways, when we got the shrooms, which was 3 quarters of an ounce, damn, we split them up. I took a lot for my first time, but no one said anything, so I thought it to be straight. well, of course we weren't going to feel it that quickly, so we waited. a few friends came to visit us between then. we went for a walk downtown. not much was happening so we went back to the house. the other friends had stayed behind. when we got to chips was MAGICAL. chip is a filthy beast, but his room looked like it had been cleaned. it looked like the filth was actually clean!!!! well chip said that music was good for trips, so he put on some pink Floyd. well then I wasn't too sure what to expect until I noticed that the mahogany dresser was swirling. not the dresser itself, but the wood designs themselves. Trish, the cat, came in the room swirling all the same. she came over and whispered something into my ear. she told us to go downtown again and that we would see it for the first time, I asked chip if we could take her with us, but he said that she wasn't able to talk outside of the house, so we left her.

when we got outside, the sky was dancing with the clouds that scurried in it. it was fanatical, I was thinking of going up there with them, but I hadn't a ladder. well anyways, when we got downtown, the trip had ceased. I thought that it was over; it wasn't really that long anyhow. we sat on main street for a while. and what do ya know; everyone we knew was strangely in town. I saw Helen's face, and it was doing something that I can not explain, I think it was taking a leaf out of the dresser's book. anyways, we stood up and continued to walk. across the street I saw a parking meter that was connected to 2 bikes. it was really cool, I wanted it for myself, but just as I was going to get it I got distracted. a pair of male twins were walking out of the Mexican eatery. they both had curly brown afros and one had a white shirt with red polka dots, the other had a red shirt with white polka dots. and then out came five Mexican cowboys. I wanted to go in, but chip insisted otherwise. we didn't want to attract too much attention to the fact that we were trippin apparently. I felt like chip was my guide, my god, he was connected to me by our brains. and I wasn't sure I knew why.

anyways, we went to a subway to get drinks, unfortunately, I worked there. luckily, 2 people that I was really fond of worked there. apparently it was a bad day, people in and out all day, so they didn't look too pleased with us going in. for some reason we all thought that it was our fault that they looked so bad. inexplicable really. anyhow, we left, and found our trips going down again, then again, it was really hot. on the other hand, I did see inanimate objects jumping from neighbors bush to neighbors bush. but that's another story. anyways, we made it to Jesse's house. he had EVERYONE there that we hung out with there except us, until we got there. they were all jealous that were trippin, but they were drunk so who cares. chip had reminded me that I had another eighth of shrooms in my pocket; somehow, it's the magic of shrooms. anyways, we left from there. and somehow, I had bought a quarter of the best weed anywhere around there. remember that some of the trip has escaped me, so I know that I saw things and did things that I don't remember. we stopped at the top of a hill on the way home, just for a brake. but little did we know, the man in the moon was calling for us. I looked up and looked straight into his eyes. immediately, the sky went from blue to green, from green to orange. and there were no clouds present at this time. so DAMN. the moon was crescent shaped at the time. and it was the Cheshire cat smiling down on me. and then, BOOM. the moon began to rock and roll, until it hung from an invisible hook and fell down. I was very excited for some reason. but then, I heard a car coming in the distance. well, because we were delirious, we thought it was a cop. we ran. and cut through the construction sight, only to realize that it was an SUV. idiots. anyways, we headed to chips house through the construction site. and we found ourselves far apart in a straight line, like in a movie, and for some reason, we didn't know why. but it made us laugh, which mind you, everything that day caused us to burst into laughter, I don't know why, but when we got to the top of that hill, we stopped in our tracks. me and chip and rich were right next to each other (chips little brother had gotten sick and ran home earlier that day) me and chip are normal size whereas rich, is very fucking tall. when he saw us looking up at him, he ran, "oh my god! you two are so effing short!!!" he says. we all had a laugh. I felt on top of the world, too much to feel short. and seriously, on top of the world hits the nail on the head. anyways, when we got back to chip's, I found that I had made a very stupid phone call to a girl I know. it was about buying a gram of coke, which I don't do anymore. so we waited for her. me and chip and rich were laughing all the way, because we were listening to chip s mom outside, she was calling for the dog, which shouldn't be that funny, but hey. anyway, when the girl got there, she surprised us. she had been pale-faced and breathing very hard. she looked so serious that we continued laughing. she told us that she had been doing coke all day. "well obviously" I say, and then we start more laughter. the whole time she was looking at us like what the fuck. and we told her we were trippin. she asked if I still wanted the coke, something told me to say no, but I said yes, I only wanted to make more money for her. so I gave her the money she gave me the coke, and left. well, now, we had weed, coke and I had a little more shrooms, which I took. well, now, I was on top of things at this point. or so I thought. I realized that I had owed money to 2 different people, and they wouldn't have been very happy if I didn't give it to them. so I began to freak out. I was flipping out about it, when in all reality it wasn't a big deal. but the thing of it was that I had spent all my money that day, and I hadn't realized. well, now I should have known that it was too much hassle to worry about it when I was trippin. well, I was still flippin shit, like crazy. I thought I was going to die or something. I needed to sell some of what I had (weed, coke) so that I could get more money. and chip picked up the cell phone, and rich picks up his house phone. before they could even dial numbers, PEOPLE STARTED CALLING TO ASK FOR SHIT!!!! it was weird, call waiting and all. it was freaky. well I sold some shit, and then we went outside to chill in the fresh air. it was weird, the night air was sizzly and the street lights were fizzing, and I was peaking!! chips dad came home, and we got scared, but he just patted me on the head and said, "don't worry it'll be worse tomorrow". I was like WOAH!!!!! it was like a quote from a really old philosopher to me. anyways, the friends from way earlier in the story had come back, and they were on PCP. so me and rich were trippin on something totally different than they were, but it was like the same. I called my mom and told her to come and pick me up, I was like, mom we are trippin, and she was like, oh, okay. so she was on her way. I told chip to come, but rich didn't want to, he left. so me and chip and the other two (PCP) all came to my house. mom was like, (what the fuck). when we got into the driveway (the yard hadn't been cut in a few months), I was like (MOM WE ARE IN THE JUNGLE!!) and she was like, shut the hell up hippie. anyways, we got inside and mom told me that, even though she didn't agree with it, one of her friends wanted to buy some coke. and I sold it to them. $20!!!! so that was a little cool. but she left. then, I and chip were peaking again. I took all the things that were orange and set them up on the table, there was an orange flashlight, a key chain, a cord, and then I took the paper mache sun (orange) and set it up there too. I also took a pack of oodles n noodles that was chicken, and set it up too. and then I took some real chicken from the freezer and set it up. I called it ORANGE CHICKEN, and then took a pic of it. after that, I started to calm down a bit. chip too. but the other two (PCP) were still trippin out. they were delusional, man, talkin about things that weren't real and shit. anyways, I finally got to sleep (about five in the morning) and when I closed my eyes rainbow colored shapes were appearing and disappearing all over my eyes. and then I went to sleep. the end.

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