A tripper writing what he hears behind him

hhaha and i cant do it i can tell him to do it here ill set it up you meanit involves pfriend moving at three points i thought his dad was down here aww man im sop shky right now its ridiculous yeah i know exactly what you eman man i was trying to light an incence mannnnn try holin on to this thing while its shakin its fucked ahahaha what da yer fuckin fooomed ive triede what ivf i break your my haiur is stronger than your glasses shards of stuff will go into my eyeballs he knows what hteews doing give me my glasses man! hahaha just finish your fuckin test do you want me to what the hell i think theyre wraped around i thought you were talking oan msn until adolf aid that aww you got all my cirly hairs in there too caus ei was jerkin them off really fast its finuish so that we can hmmmmmmmm so we can hmmmmm HAHAHAha

i guess you didnt know i gues ya didnt know wellwelwel i think i wanted another pile thats what i think iwasn5ted everything waiut till later man dont grind it all up cause then we cant how bout we do a bit o both grind up half of it hahahahah yeahhh doesnt make sense AND its not going ot heppen , we need the universal tint, i guesss you didnt know i guess you didn tknow

maybe whateverim doing is slowly working but very terribly AM I WEARING glASSES or something?! man y our typing waaaaaaaay too not slow, youre rolling a fag man, how does that make you feel, it makes me feel more m anly i can typer mast fast hahahahahahah HEY it seems like the louder the l;aughiong the louder the typing gets it actually happeitd gafjksld;fjklasdjkf;adf feels like im finlling half joiunt i dunno i don tknow how small this actually is the actrualt hings itself looks liks a big fat lef that just stick in here i htought y9ou were talking about your pile like you wanted a bigger pil eor something everything has ten tiems the weed hahawhaaaaaaat heeee

this is WICKED

you should put on scary sound effects and watch people do surgery man im gonna get so

you took too little man y ou took too little rgrgrrgrgrgr my tteth at are shiverin aw were gonna burn each other to death hgis ceilings BWOWING yeah is ceilings bwowing MASS now everybody SHUT up. is thins thing full or does it have like eighteen dimiensions i dont have enough non shakage you know what i mean i don tevekmn owe whats going on over there it feels like my fuckin, ears are dying. im glad we have another one just like this YES we have more for later you gotta have more for later so technically drug people are more positive

wait NOTHINGS changed i feel like im in a big zit yteah FUCK you ahahahahhaha this whole situation is messed up those are wicked smells man go find someone cut open their fgace all we need is a fresh fuckin penial gland hey where is that thing i always thought it was behind adrenachrome this is all full man hahaha im nopt even i cant even do drum rolls that fasst thats what its like for me! ahahah ahahaha ha ahah HAHahaha ha ha ha wtf man stop fuckin shaking and shit wtf is in here WHAT is this ....its GOTTA be drug related whgat IS it maybe ill never reveal it i need that stuff for the AWWWW shit were FUCKED guys aw sweet our shoes are mixed up i need scissors now and paper 8 19 pm

alright doin shit is wicked ill do shit just walk around and shit it feels coolwhere are they aahhaha all i know is that i need glasses to do it i need a bigger hat regardless AW! schissors yeah thatgs what i was aw jesus yeah we definately have schissors this hat is hyper real its sweet how everyone just has something ihlike thius maan g ettting up is like a totally different thing OOHH wha tht hell is this happening yo guys...um...are we making mouthpieces now? nasdhfajs were there springs in there nah guns and buillets thgas whats happeniong to me too you did that yourself you crazy racoon awww man wheres my hat thats what i was looking for too you GUYS are PANicking MAN hwat a perfect day everybody drunk and angry at each other that seemes really far away and really close at the same time what the hell did he just throw hows this joint comin once were done this shit well...slag off a piece of that yellow sticky stuff

aww maaaaaaaaan lets go outside NOTHIN! beeps finishing this man oh iuts done?! its from your sticky fingers. i don tknow if i cant handle this pseudo chaos anymore

are we still in this confusion what the FUCK is goin gion HAHAHA fuckin catnip hahahaha who the fuck smokes catnip bamboo everrrrrythign would bne in the samsonite exclusive tinner so shu///so shu we finish this?

i need either a hat, or glasses, lets go we need more electricity this desk is wicked because theres a bunch of drug related haha shiut ion it pwait adolf knows how to play this shit IIII know how to fuckin play this shit, thats a shitty insy we shopuld change our band name to the DUCKS. the pseudo makings of a joint did i even roll thater....beeps djaying with those wheres theo other on aww its in the exclusive tinner my headphones broke hahaha yeahhhhh, HAHSHAJKSL:

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