Same guy here. The one who quit bein' wicked. The one who's not cool anymore. The one who will not allow you to pay later. The one that's off dope. The one who is wondering why the word processing program keeps suggesting to put question marks everywhere…

I jumped the gun guys. The site's not over. People can still submit to it if they want, but I'll still have no, to very little part in it. Maybe I'll help with html and site work if needed. Too many people complained when I said this was over, and offered to do the site. So do it, if you want. It's here for you. Waiting.

Some took the last entry wrong. I'm not anti-drug now. Not at all. I think drugs are definitely good for you, but in moderation, and with extreme care. Everyone should consider drugs at least. If you have no allergies or mental illnesses you should go for it. Try weed first, once or twice, see how you like it. Try acid and shrooms after that. Expand your mind. These drugs do make you smarter. Do acid and shrooms 3 or 4 times over the course of two years. Keep going if you can handle it, but consider stopping while you're ahead. Everyone's different, everyone will last a different amount of time with them. Stop doing the drugs when they're not worth it anymore. If they're causing any form of discomfort or problem, get away from them for a while and see how you feel. By a while I mean a month. Don't go back to these drugs so soon. If you show any form of addiction stop immediately. Never do them again. I don't suggest doing anything known to be addictive more than twice. But obviously, it's your choice, and this is just advice.

Since I've stopped I've noticed a lot of things. I've stopped snapping at people. In fact I'm a lot calmer than I've ever been before. I have more patience for things, and I enjoy my hobbies more. I'm not unnecessarily sad or worried either. I'm remembering everything it seems as well. All of the things that are coming back to me are ridiculous and useless though. Fear is nearly gone. I used to be paranoid of everything, stupid things that I don't even want to say because they're embarrassing. One of the best things is that I got to keep my emotions (I'm the one that used to lose emotions except for sadness, worry and panic when I was off drugs). It was hard to do, but I did it. I think I'm probably psycho, which would be why the droogs got to me so badly. I fuckin love the emotes too, I can't wait until I can feel more "happiness"

The only problem I've found is that I need a new hobby.

Anyway, start submitting, you sluts. Go to the main page and it will tell you how.

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