The Last Last

This site began when four Psychonauts were out smoking weed at their favorite spot. They called it "The Spot" Now the spot has changed, it used to be lush foresty area, now it has a new coat of pavement and a big sign that tells moving machines to stay out. One Psychonaut brought up the idea to make a site about expanding your mind through the use of drugs. "We could put all of our extra creations and junk on the internet!" one said. Luckily enough one of them knew how to get their stuff on the Internet. Hosted by some rad guy named Evvie.

So they did, and for a time they even had a forum that was wicked fun all to themselves. Until they destroyed it by being too crazy of posters. They all had a good laugh. Afterwards normal updates resumed to the site until all but one was submitting things for it.

Now that one no longer does drugs. I'm that one. (In case you didn't catch that)

Since I no longer do drugs I don't feel I should be trying to update this site anymore. So, I'm not gonna. But I am going to submit my shit to Evvieco.

I found that drugs are definitely a good thing, but in moderation of course. I started doing them when I was about 15 or so, and now I'm 20. Surprisingly young? Maybe. But this is how most people do it, they abuse their bodies when they can and then stop before it can destroy them. Unless they're Ozzy Osbourne or some other crazy rock and or roller.

At first drugs are great, they help you realize what's wrong with a lot of shit, make things taste better, make them more fun, help you solve your personal problems and help you to stop worrying over things so damn much. If you know how to use them. Before I started them I was an emotionless shell of a person. When I started them I became emotional, and I felt a lot better. However whenever I stopped doing them for a while I would become short with people, and snap at loved ones when they didn't deserve it at all. My behavior confused and stressed many people that I care for, very very deeply. Once such loved one was extremely effected. It had become impossible to be with me because you could never tell if I was going to be a dick and yell, be paranoid and ask stupid questions, or be depressed and distant. That happened to me because I stopped getting my fill, I couldn't afford the cost of drug use, and every tidbit of cash that came in after my bills were done, I would spend it on drugs. Which wouldn't last me nearly long enough. Drugs had become…not worth it. So I decided to start trying to get off of them, without saying anything to anyone (like a damn fool) and I went into a spiral of paranoia and shortness which ultimately ended, very badly for me.

My last time with drugs was what confirmed it for me. I did 1 gram of shrooms. 1 tiny gram and I wigged out all night from it. I thought that everyone hated me and I couldn't figure out why. I spent the time curled in a ball in deep thought about why everyone hated me, and wondering if they were perhaps, planning on killing me.

Of this writing I have just started to reveal my plans to change some things in my life that need to be tweaked, though I've been working on/coping with them for some time. I apologize to you, the readers for ending this site, but I can't do it any longer.

And I apologize especially to those I hurt, though many of you will never see this article.

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