The Second Last
From the most probable end

Myself and a girl with long purple hair entered a white building. The building was not in very good condition. Chips of paint were falling from many various parts of every wall. Underneath the paint was a rust that looked somewhat like dried blood. It turns out that we were at the building for job interviews. I went for mine first. I sat down, and a lady in her mid-forties asked me 2 quick question's and said it was nice meeting me and that they would call me sometime within the next week or so. The girl with long purple hair sat down for her interview and in moments she was having a fucking grand time with the interviewer. She asked a lot of questions and was happy and impressed for the whole time. I fucking hated both of them. I suppose I was just jealous that purple haired girl was having a better interview than I did.

I went to leave and someone grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. A large man in black told me "brush this before you go" and handed me a weird object. It looked like one of those teeth models that dentists have, except it was blue and had brush bristles coming out of it instead of teeth. It had chunks of food, dirt and metal in it. I was so grossed out by it but I felt a powerful lust to clean it. So I did, with a face of pure disgust.

After the blue brush thing was clean I found a hallway that looked interesting to explore, so I started walking down it and the more I went the more it twisted and got smaller. At the very end there was a doorway that I peeked in. It was a classroom, I heard talking so I figured I'd better not interrupt the lesson and leave. I turned around and went back the way I came.

Back in the main part of the white building I turned a corner to visit a glass office where a few secretaries were hard at work. I saw a man with nearly no hair and huge black rimmed nerd glasses, which made his eyes look huge. I paused a moment and asked him "Are you Mr. Farg?" and he said "no" So I went back down that hallway I just explored.

This time I went into the classroom. Inside there was a tape deck on a shelf on the right side of the room playing a conversation between Mr. Dressup, Mr. Rogers and few of their puppet friends. There was no one else in the classroom besides me, and a man at the front of the class. The man was wearing a blank mask, and was wrapped in a beige tarp, which covered him and the desk he was sitting cross-legged on. Holes were cut in the tarp where he would poke puppets out of to make them talk whenever one of the puppets on the tape spoke. I stood there terrified for a few moments then fled the room.

I ran out of the building to the top of a hill. The hill was very steep, and had many establishments on it, but only on the right side. Before I knew it I found myself sitting on a swivel office chair that could be driven. If you grabbed the handle on the left you could steer it. It was at this moment that I realized that I wasn't wearing anything but my boxers. I ran back into the nearest house.

The house happened to belong to my friend's great grandmother, which I have never met in real life, because she's dead. I sat down on her brown couch in her living room. The furniture in the living room had plastic coverings, the walls were orange-beige and there was a fancy bronzy metalwork clock on the wall above my head. I thought the place reeked of old women. She called me into the kitchen shortly after I sat down. I only made it to the doorway before she stopped me from entering and told me that I wasn't allowed to see any of her kitchen. Something about a chefs rules or something. I don't speak old people language so I couldn't understand her. She then handed me some pancakes and told me to go play.

I sat back down on the office chair at the top of the hill holding the pancakes on a plate in my left hand. The chair started to roll forward. I rolled past my friend who shouted to come and share my pancakes and in exchange he would give me some waffles. I wanted to take him up on his offer but I couldn't stop the chair because I had to hold the pancakes. I started to roll down the hill, quickly, I grabbed the bar on the bottom of the chair that adjusts the height of it and it jostled down to its lowest position and fell apart. I fell flat on my face and skidded across the pavement a bit. But I never dropped the plate of pancakes.

When I looked up all I could see was black and a man in a wifebeater and jeans slowly stomping his way towards me, while fading out into reality, which was when I opened my eyes.

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