Red Eye
A big fuckin' one

A giant red eye flashes.

A meteor comes crashing down to earth, in the middle of a well-populated tourist city. It ruins a few buildings. After the humans are done examining it, they try to move it with helicopters. At this moment, is the moment when the sun turns dark red and a fuckin' gigantic Godzilla breaks out of the rock.

Typically, he starts wrecking the shit out of everything and killing everyone in sight. Everyone is going insane with fear trying to flee. I am a good distance away, watching the whole thing happen. I run to my basement damn fast when he starts stomping his way over to me.

This Godzilla looks like the newer version, you know, the one that Hollywood ruined? Except 100 times larger, with larger teeth and red eyes.

A red eye flashes. This time I can make out that it has a yellow pupil.

A year passes, the humans have constructed an underground base under a mountain. It's highly technological. It has a ramp coming down into the ground with large metal doors to get in. At the end of the hallway are three doors. The one to the left is where the people who are the most valuable to the destroy Godzilla cause live. The right is where useless old people are, and the middle is where children are forced to learn to be useful to the cause. Whenever people sneak into the base from the streets we separate them into those three categories.

A few days pass, and another red eye flashes.

A few people are in a jeep that are with the cause. They're taking ground samples from the creature's footprints. I am with them. Everything goes dead quiet and everyone looks towards Godzilla's place of living, which is inside that big rock that it came from. No noise. It's alright. Back to work.

Just when all seems well Godzilla jumps out from behind an overturned building and snarls at us. Fuck. We boot it. Pretty much what happens next is that one scene from Jurassic Park, where the T-Rex chases a jeep and then gets smashed in the face with a tree or something. Except Godzilla gets hit with a skyscraper and trips, allowing us to go over a huge ramp that's a closed off bridge. We ramp a giant hole in the ground and land on an island.

On the island is a mansion, with water fountains everywhere. Large evergreen trees cover the perimeter of the island and make the mansion invisible from anywhere off of the island. We speak with an old man there that says we have to speak with his big brother, which lives in another mansion out in the country. Catfields, Iowa. He believes that he is the one responsible for Godzilla. He says that his brother will send more even if we destroy this one. He seems very angry that we ended up on his property, and he shoos us off in a helicopter back to out mountain base.

Another year passes.

Whoever I am in this dream, I am now a badass and have a beard and an eye patch. Also, I now have a long black coat with weapons strapped all over me. I'm riding in a plane, looking out of the open hatch at Godzilla's rock. Someone behind me pushes me and I fall out. I'm falling towards the rock, I can see the whole city, the sky is dark red still, and most of the city is in ruins. Moreso around where the rock and Godzilla are. Godzilla pokes his head out of the rock and sees me falling towards him. He doesn't care. He most likely doesn't know what I am from this distance. I see the beast make a leap over onto a mountain in a single bound. I move myself through the sky over him. He starts digging into the mountain, this is the mountain where the base is, filled with all of the people that are trying to figure out how to destroy him.

I end up grasping the very tip of his tail with the spikes on my gloves. I start trying to climb up his tail with my spikes, but it's very hard, as he is waving it around madly. I finally manage to ground myself on it. I climb up his tail and onto his ass. From there I get onto his spikes, where I start jumping from one to the other all the way up his back and roll onto his neck, where I crouch on one knee. I take out a Q-tip and run up to the top of his head and eject spikes out from my boots to ground myself in his head. Godzilla roars in slight pain, but can't do anything but wave his head around because his arms are too short. I use the Q-tip to pry open a small nick on his head, under a scale that is yellow instead of dark grayish green. The scale pops off and I can see right into his head. Brains and all. I put on a breathing apparatus and hop in. I swim to some huge blue vein thing that is his brain and harpoon the fuck out of it until it snaps. There's a large jostle for a few moments then complete stillness. Then I can no longer hear his heart. I climb out of his head. As I'm dripping with lizard blood, atop the colossal Lizard's head I see a massive crowd there cheering for whoever I am in this dream. Then I whip my cock out and tell them to start sucking. Because they owe me.

I would say about a week in time passes.

I get out of my cab and look at the black mansion on the top of a nice grassy hill. It's sunset, there's a nice mesh of orange and pink. I'm here to see that other man's brother, to stop him from making another Godzilla. I'm disguised now. Wearing an old-timey hat with a hood over it. I meet three old ladies here, all wearing the same long orange dress, all with the same long gray hair, in a bun. I find out that they're lesbians. This part of the dream I can't remember, but I manage to find out that they're not gay at all and they end up going separate ways.

All around me is beautiful calm scenery. The only thing man made is the big mansion on the top of the hill. I check behind me and I see one of the old ladies, licking a cat's asshole. She drops it when she notices I caught her and runs off to a cab. I notice that there are many cats wandering this field.

I start my walk up the dirt road to the final confrontation and----I am awoken by the sound of: "shave and a haircut, two bit" being knocked on my door. To be told that I need to wake up to watch a dog lay on the floor for a few hours.

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