Yer Face Isn't Alive Anymore
Main Characters: Egor, Overich, Idi.

Egor: Well I'm tired of being Sisyphus, constantly pushing this proverbial boulder up the hill, fuck it right?, no god, no light at the end of the tunnel. Just wasting time, its bullshit.

Overich: What the fuck are you talking about man?

Egor: Well all we do is waste time till we die right, then we are dead and just cease to exist?

Overich: I guess but...


Egor: Hahaha, well what do you wanna do then?

Idi: Desire for FLESH and REAL BLOOD!

Egor: Hmm. You have a point...

Idi: I wonder if humans taste more like pork or chicken? cuz, well, everything tastes like chicken, but our flesh is a lot like a pig's.

Egor: Hahah, thats true.

Idi: ...What we need is some Opium.

Overich: Opium?, where the shit are you gonna get thats?

Egor: Fuck opium, look out the window man, over by the tree on the ground...

Overich: What? That giant fuckin' weed?

Egor: MAN!, its datura.

Overich: I've heard about that, it fucks you up man, REAL BAD.

Idi: Eat it.

Egor: I will, Jesus Christ, this is a terrible idea but well...why not...

Idi: Absud hero!

Egor: Might as well experience life from from all perspectives, Shrooms were a giant joke although they gave me the worst headache the next day, LSD was too clinical and man made feeling. Salvia was nuts, but didn't last very long, and I felt like I was being sucked into the fuckin' middle of the earth! We can't get DMT or Peyote around here. so... its CLEARLY the way to go.

Idi: I'm down for this shit.

Overich: You guys are fuckin nuts

Idi: I'll go snag some, I'll be right back.

Egor: You gonna eat some too?

Overich: I dunno, I guess... HAHAH he just uprooted the whole fuckin plant!

Egor: Jesus Christ, I think you're supposed to eat the seeds

Idi: Holy fuck this shit stinks.

Egor: Eat the seeds!

Overich: Godamn this shit is gross.

Idi: MUSIC... WE NEED MUSIC, you have 2 cd players right?

Egor: yeah...

Idi: K, put on “The Queen is Dead” by the Smiths and “Too Dark Park” by Skinny Puppy at the exact same time it'll create the perfect atmosphere!

Overich: The song list will go as follows. 1,The Queen is Convulsing
2,Tormenting Mr. Shankly
3,I Know the Spasms are Over
4,Never had No Rash Reactions Every
5,Nature's Revenge at the Cemetry Gates
6,Bigmouth Strikes the Shorline with Poison Again
7,Grave Boy and the Thorn of Wisdom
8,TFWO in a Tutu
9,Morpheus' Light Never Goes out Lauging
10,Some Reclamations are Bigger than Others

Egor: Hahah thats perfect.

Overich: This sounds ridiculous.

Egor: I think I can feel this shit already, are your eyes hurting?

Overich: Yes and it feels like I just ate a fuckin dead rat, JESUS CHRIST, I can barley breath

Egor: Yeah, lets get outta this shit hole.


Egor: Watch out for the door!

Overich: Awwwwwwwwwwww my fuckin brain is killing me!

Egor: YES!, oxygen finally

Overich: Ah god, what the fuck is going on!, I'm gonna go sit down

Egor: Aw man, I can feel my self slipping into the nihilistic world of the absurd, and...I think im going to vomit...

Idi: Do it man. Do it

Egor: BLAHHHHH!, oh fuck... Mom?, What the fuck are you doing in my vomit....I know...I know, jesus CHRIST. Just leave me alone for fuck sakes!

Overich: Man they are gonna get us, they know what we've done

Idi: Psh, I'll kill 'em, those fuckers won't do shit.

Overich: We've entered the spirit world, we should have never came here!

Egor: Oh my god this grass is far too sharp AHH, im bleeding, HELP...HELP!

Idi: Ah fuck this, I'm outta here.

Overich, Stop following me kitty!...kitty?... someone help the kitty, shes drowining!

Idi: What the FUCK are all you doing, get outta here! What?, FUCK YOU, get away from me, get the fuck away from me, ahhh, get off me, ah I cant fuckin move! HEY, those are MY LEGS you mother fuckers!

Overich: Hey whered did Idi go? Ah fuck that I gotta go to school man, I'm gonna go take a shower

Egor: Dad killed himself...? You killed him...CASTRATION!??!

Egor: The root of all evil eh? You're right. It DOES have to go...


Overich: Hahah just try to get away know kitty, what?... you say you cant breath? Aw fuck, your eyes are bleeding all over my hands!, stop scratching ME, HOLY FUCK, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was strangling you!, I swear. No dont tell Medusa, too late?... how could you betray me like that? Ahh for fuck sakes I'm gonna be late for school, see what you made me do kitty!

Egor: Great, everyone is gone. What is that noise, oh shit, oh god, wait...hello?. Hello? Is there anybody here? I cant see anything!, HELP!

Idi: Hey... Egor, what the fuck are you doing?

Egor: I cant see anything!

Idi: Pussy, where the fuck did Overich go?

Egor: School I think.SHUT UP... NO... STOP TOUCHING ME!

Idi: Does that piece of shit realize it's like 10pm?

Overich: AW for fuck sakes who rearranged my washroom, since when the fuck has the toilet been over there?... and pink for fuck sakes?

House Occupant: Hey, what the fuck are you doin in here, I'm calling the police you mother fucker!

Overich: What?, You come in MY house and say that?. You fuckin Fascist, I'll kill you!

House Occupant:WHAT?!?!?, com're you cock sucker!,

Overich: AH, he's gonna KILL ME! Have my house you crazy fuck, I'm outta here!

Idi: We need a cow... hey look here comes Overich.

Egor: Wha?

Idi: Get up for fuck sakes,

Egor: I can't walk right now, my legs are pure gelatine

Overich: Some Hitler mother fucker just broke into my house and tried to kill me man!

Idi: Shut up, ok, when those FUCK's gave me my legs back they said I had to find them a cow or they would cut my gizard. There appears to be a barn down there,

Overich: First the fascists try to get me... what next!, hold on, I'm coming too!

Egor: Ah god, DONT LEAVE ME where the fuck did they go, alone again!, huh?... no man I told you I don't smoke!

Idi: C'mon, we gotta cross this river to get to the barn

Overich: River?... looks like a roads to me... hey... hey!, this is all TOO familiar, all these tanks... FUCKIN CHINKO PINKOs!, stay back!, STAY BACK!

Idi: HEY!, look out for the WATER buffalo, they are stampeding your way


CarDriver: Jesus Christ, call an ambulence... hey kid... hello?, holy fuck I think he's dead, he just wake right into the middle of the fuckin road and stood there.

Idi: OUCH!, oh well, cant be helped...., ahhhh, I have arrived, now to find the cow.

Employee: Welcome to McDonalds how may I help you?

Idi: Old McDonald's farm eh?, little cliché dontcha think?

Employee: What?

Idi: nevermind. I need a cow!

Employee: well all of our paddies our 100% beef.

Idi: What the fuck are you talking about bitch I... THERE IT IS!

Employee: What?... Thats our superviser. Mr. Grosvache.

Idi: What the fuck? Come here!

Grosvache: Exuse me sir, you're not allowed back here.

Idi: Shut up cow, I'll dunk you in the troft!

Grosvache...Call the cops

Idi, I WARNED YA, here ya GO!,

Grosvache: Let go of me. AHH...

Employee: OH MY GOD!

Idi: Ah, that shit splashed all over me, for fuck sakes, why the fuck do you have hot grease in your troft, you fucker... hello?... ah DAMNIT, I'm fucked now, the cow is DEAD, the COW is dead. I need to get outta here, they'll find me, oh god!

Employee: You're not going anywhere mother fucker the ploice are on their way!

Egor: I cant believe those FUCKS left me like this, I can't breath, I CANT breath, aw shit not you again, just leave me be, pleeeeeeeeease!

Idi: I can hear the sirens song already. Give me that, ha sweet balde, those fucks will never fuck with me now, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....


Cop 1: Holy god, ok, what all just happened?

Employee: Well this guy came in asking for a cow, then jumped over the counter and dunked the supervisers head in the deep fryer, then as soon as you got here he stabbed himself in the chest with that knife and fell over dead.

Cop 2: Another fucker just got smashed by a car... they were seen together

Egor: Aw, I'M TRAPPED, oh well tomorrow I'll be gone. NO...FUCK YOU!.

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