The Establishment
Of people that I loathe.

I was in grade 8, my school was actually a POW camp. We were to go on a trip to see "The Prime Students" at "The Establishment" The prime students from my understanding are the greatest students on the earth and they are a group that speaks to other students to get them to be like them. They're the type of people that take life too seriously, and think they're top shit, but if you ever spoke to them at any degree of length you would find that they're retarded at everything but schoolwork. Social retards. People that will listen and absorb all of what authority figures tell them, take it to heart, and then preach it themselves. Mis-informed Prudes, feminazis, redneck republicans, religious people.

The bus took us students to the establishment, it had to be escorted by a military vehicle to the end of a long tree covered road. The roads were crawling with construction vehicles. When we arrived a tourvoice on the bus explained that the establishment did not endorse rape/murder and to please not rape or murder anyone. we were shown scans of the establishment's buildings in something called "blue-scan" blue scan, is essentially, a scan of the building that also shows it's blueprints. We were then shown the establishment from a bird's-eye view. It was like a collection of tropical hotels separated by beaches and rides, and other such fun things. Since this was a school trip there would be no fun.

We were ushered into a grand hallway where we would get to see the prime students walk by. It was meant to be a privilege. In the dream, I was the only one disgusted all to hell, everyone else was extremely excited. Our teacher instructed us to bow to them as they walk by and not to say anything. This was too much for me.

The prime students enter the grand hallway through gigantic metal doors. A band plays. They're all teen girls, of course. All pretty, because that's what the media has set for them to look like. Everyone bows, except me, I'm still standing, absolutely flabbergasted at the whole situation. I'm immensely pissed. I shoved the jade table with prime students' faces engraved on it into them with my foot. It crushed into their midsections and sent them sprawling in various directions. They landed on the floor with a loud "crunch/splat" sound. As they lay on the floor, holding their possibly broken bones, I promptly stomped their heads into mush on the exquisite marble (butterfly patterned) floor. I was swiftly taken to jail where people that now consider me a hero surround me. People that agree with me, and understand. Real intelligent people.

This dream must mean I want to have sex with butterflies.

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