Should be okay.

If you're thinking about doing shrooms or LSD, you may have wondered what the answers are to the following questions. It's always good to research your drug before you start doing it. If you're smart and you know about the drug there's a lot less of a chance you're going to have a bad time. This FAQ is based on my own and some other Psychonaut's experiences. Know that everyone is different health wise, and that I'm not a doctor, just a drug enthusiast.

Can you die from them/Are they harmful?
Physically the worst you may end up with is stomach discomfort the day after. I didn't personally get any discomfort save for the one time where I found it hard to breathe the day after. To be fair, it was insanely muggy everywhere I went. While under the influence of shrooms and/or LSD you may be likely to hurt yourself depending on how much you take. For instance; one might believe they can fly and break their leg, but this is just an example. From what I've seen it's a pretty unrealistic one as well. The worst I've ever seen is an over-scratched mosquito bite. Mayhap you will be so wary of injury that you will be safer than when sober, there's no way to tell, but there are ways to tilt the odds in your favor, which is the partial point of this FAQ.

Mentally these drugs have more potential to be dangerous. There have been studies to see if these drugs cause certain mental disabilities, but there is yet to be any real evidence. One thing that can happen is the person ending up with constant visuals, even without the drug in their system. This is a very rare case, and the visuals are usually no more than black dots over their vision. There are also some treatments for this. Some fight to prove that these drugs cause forms of psychoses, but it is difficult to say that these drugs are responsible for any mental problems, because one may have manifested the problems later on anyway. The numbers are somewhere around 4 in 4000 (less than 1/2 of 1%) this figure is far less than the lifetime prevalence for psychotic conditions, like schizophrenia for example, it has a lifetime prevalence of about 1% in populations that are not exposed to these drugs. Therefore, there is no proof of a link between these drugs and psychoses.

How much should I take?
Start with small doses for every new drug you take, after that if you think you can do more, up the dosage a little bit each time. For LSD, start with one hit, for shrooms, start with 2 grams. There's also no telling how potent the drugs will be until they're taken, best to be cautious if you're actually worried about getting too messed up.

Other tips
Weed. Lots of weed. Have weed. You can't go wrong. Weed. Weed will relax you and shoot you back up into awesome land.

Do it with good friends, try for 2 others but if you can't one will do.

Do it on a good day, when it's nice outside and you have no obligations or things to think about/worry over. Good trips are usually based solely on mindset and setting.

Research them. Read this, this, all of these and this.

So if you go through with doing these drugs may I be the first to congratulate you on boosting your intelligence and cleaning the fuck out of your third eye.

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