Vet Zombies
All up in my grill aid.

I was at an elaborate veterinarian's place of business. My dog was ill. We were told to go into a room without lights, we didn't hesitate to enter. I was worried about my dog. After the door was closed we waited patiently for the vet to come in, "Where the hell is that fuck?" I started wondering aloud. He must have heard me because he started banging on the door and groaning. " have to use the knob to get in" I instructed. He didn't understand, this is when I knew something was up. 7 zombies busted into the room like water breaking an over-filled balloon and me an my dog were all like "WTF!" My dog lunged at one of the living dead assistant's throat and tore into her rather viciously. She took the receptionist down fast as well by eating her shins in one massive chomp, then eating her head. The other zombies started to crowd my dog, so I yelled for her to get out of the way, as I pushed a bookshelf that had needles, knives and a box labeled "An assortment of sharp objects" onto the remaining zombies pinning them flat to the floor. A pool of dark red blood steadily flowed from beneath the shelf. As we were leaving the room I noticed they had caged zombie lions around the corner. I somehow knew they were being pumped full of drugs. Lucky lions.

We were back in the lobby at this point. The floors had bloodstains and recently feasted upon corpses. Some limbs were hanging from the ceiling dripping slowly, I noticed, after some blood soaked leg veins fell on my shoulder. I tried to open the door to get out but no dice, so I checked the window close by and I saw that there was a pile of baby corpses barricading my way out of the animal hospital.

I checked some nearby corpses and found a shotgun inside a kitty carrier, sans ammo. I pondered for a moment then remembered that the head vet keeps shotgun shells in the basement. As I was pondering my dog took out another zombie that had just finished ascending the basement stairs to come eat us. She jumped in the air, did a flip over the groaning assailant, grasped his head with her jaw in mid air, finished her flip and twisted her head back to rip the head off of the walking dead. Blood sprayed everything, and the zombies trying to get at my dog near the top of the stairway slipped in the blood and fell back down the stairs as a cartoon cat would slip on a banana peeling.

I checked around the corner of the doorway, the basement of the vet was well lit, I could see that there were animals scurrying around inside the walls below. The zombies were occupied trying to get at them, so they didn't notice me coming down the stairs. When I reached the bottom all of them advanced towards me, "STOP!" I demanded, putting out my arm with my fingers facing upwards. They did, then I offered them autographs. They took them kindly and let me pass by to get the shells to blow them all into chunks. After I had finished shooting the last zombie in the face, (causing it's head to explode all over me) I laughed like a villain that's enjoying himself. I woke up immediately after.

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