Is This For You?
A Useful Guide:

So the night begins simple enough, meet c to get some mush, the four of us eat the mush and begin our quest. The quest to find weed, so we call all the main answwer just some loud music, strange. Whatever, we continue our quest. We figure we'll walk up town to pot park and call a dealer that lives near there from there, it occured to me now that we should have called him first. The journey to the lands of uptown begins. It seemed like ages but it couldn't have been more then 45 minutes, we get to pot park after gruling up hill battles that seem to be impossible at the times, but we pressed on because we knew it was for the greater good. Like I said when we got to pot park or more specifically "the grassy knol" it looked like the promise land, everything was amazing pure euphoria. We sat there for a bit then called the dealer...but it seems the dealer was downtown where the journey began...fuck. So we walked all the way there for no reason at all, but it didtn't even matter because we were at the garden of eden. When we decided to begin our journey back down town it was decided we would go to clifton hill to search for the chronic...bad idea...bad vibes so we left, then we went to call dt dealer and we finally got ahold of him, bought weed and rejoiced in smoking it!! I love mushrooms...except when you have an exam the next day. That was kinda harsh.

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