All I Can Do
Meshes of colour.

Once again, I only did one hit. I don't plan on ever venturing any further than that. With LSD there is no practical way to gauge how intense the trip to come is going to be. My first time was nowhere near as intense as this one, and I did only one hit last time as well. It was three of us this session, Killer-HC, Killer-BBC and myself. They also did one hit each. We took our hits at 5:00 PM and sat around in Killer-HC's room for 45 minutes waiting for Killer-P to bring a vinyl over to listen to. During the 45 minutes I could feel myself getting more and more energy. I couldn't open my eyes wide enough or stop moving my leg up and down. After a bit of music we started on our way to my place of living. The trees on the way there seemed to be squirming a little bit. I'm glad we left when we did because in another half an hour I would not have been able to cross the city streets. When we arrived at my home we sat and relaxed for fifteen minutes, this is when it started to kick into gear.

I started to wig-out within fifteen minutes of being in that room. I was getting constant visuals as I sat there in my computer chair. My bed's comforter was swishing up and down like waves; the patterns on it were meshing into each other as well. I took a look at my walls and the shadows that were being created by my half opened window were growing larger and larger, then smaller, occasionally the shadows would grow "arms" and reach out to the other shadows to caress them. Killer-HC asked me to find a song on my computer, as soon as I turned the monitor on purple dots were everywhere on screen and off. Then the dots decided to be yellow. As I searched for the song the dots did not go away, but rather they moved around and danced with their brethren. Do you know when you set your mouse cursor to the "trail" setting? Mine was doing exactly that, but trail was not turned on. As I was getting closer to find the song Killer-BBC stuck a lighter in front of my face and started to light it over and over. I tried to ignore it but couldn't, the colour orange was all I could see for 3 seconds, then the sides of my vision caught on fire. This was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. My existence was burning. I got the two of them to stop moving and talking somehow and that put out my existence fire. Shortly after I found the song and let Killer-HC sit in the computer chair. I walked over and stood in front of my door so I would be able to see everything in the room. Killer-HC started to pretend to break my computer by typing roughly and proclaiming "I'm breaking your machine, yeeeeahhh hahahah" He had a notepad document open, this is what he wrote:


From ******** (authour's real name)

Catch dinner ONACID with ***** (authour's nickname)

[pernta eatin his pussy out, and chickens,





Not long after there was a knock on the door. It was two of my non-psychonaut friends coming over for dinner. I had forgotten that I had to do this. I decided I wasn't going to blow it off and just go through with it. Besides, there was no way out of it, they knew I was home and this dinner was planned. I couldn't let them know I was on LSD because it would cause problems with them. They are very anti-drug people. I told Killer-HC and Killer-BBC to stay in my room and wait for me to finish dinner. At this point I was still peaking. We sat down at the dinner table and began to eat; it was the hardest most draining thing I have ever done. Every bite of meat caused me to cringe like someone had just stuck a pin in me. I cannot eat meat on psychedelics; it sickens me. I was trying to act normal but it wasn't working very well. I was shaking like a maniac and I would constantly be dropping my food. I was sitting in between them, both of them would ask me questions, I found it hard to answer them, all I could manage was to get some very trite responses back to them. I then started to hallucinate again and started laughing pretty hard. Both of them looked at me as if to say, "what's so funny?" I told them I was laughing at the show that was on earlier. "Which one?" "Uh, Seinfeld" They bought it, phew. Most likely due to how odd I was acting, and how boring my company was, they decided to leave early "because they had things to do" I went back into the room where the other two were and fell onto my knees and grasped my bed. I was so relieved.

Back in my room the visuals hit hard, I grabbed a mirror and looked into it, my eyes were pure black and the reflection of what was behind me was melting. I quickly put the mirror back and checked behind me, no, no melting, just the caressing of shadows. I was all over my room, I stood at the end of the bed on my knees, the side of the bed, on the bed, with one leg on the bed, I laid on the floor, I leaned against my closet doors, the list goes on. As I was leaning against the closet I saw some bombs go off in my peripheral vision. Many things like this would happen and startle me into moving into a different spot. Someone suggested that I close my eyes, hold my breath and concentrate. I did it and my mind treated me to an explosion of swirling colours. The most beautiful thing I've ever imagined. After I opened my eyes all the colour in my room started to slowly brighten and start meshing together. It got to a point where I lost the ability to make any objects out. It stayed this way for the next three hours. It was like everything was smudged and swirled together like a painter's palette. I stood up and started to view the room again, my thoughts were racing, and it became too much for me and I fell down. I laid on the floor for a bit.

The three of us finally mustered enough willpower to go outside to the park after about a half-hour of deciding what to do. At the park I used the swings, as I swung back and forth my vision was streaming colour instead of swirling colour. I swung fairly high and jumped off the swing, my vision then started to melt, much like movie tape melts when you pour acid on it. Even the melting was colourful. At the moment I thought I tore through time and space. I sat on a bench and gazed at the sky, it was green, blue, purple, navy, white, pink and orange all in different spots. I must have viewed this wonder for about 15 minutes, but it felt like an hour. After the insects started to bother us too much we walked down the road until I decided I didn't want to venture any farther, because there would be no way I could walk very far home on my own without freaking out. We stood and talked a bit more then parted ways for the night. After I walked home, I went to my computer and started typing, this is what I had to say:

"Fuck, I somehow managed to get home. It was only a block but it seemed like forever. All these creatures are living together like was kind of gross. Like a plague. As I was walking home I heard noises behind me, like whispering sounds. Lights would flare up behind me as well, but as I would look back on them only a mesh of colour would be there in front of what is "supposed" to be my vision. Where...where was I?

Let's recount on some things: I am on LSD and tonight is the most fucked I've ever been. Oh I know, I'll put the keyboard on my lap. SWEET. I had just spent roughly fifteen minutes fucking with this piece of plastic, trying to get comfortable with it. Holy shit. And I still have.............hahahahahahaahahahahah

A bunch of hours to go!! I can't even count em. I tried using my fingers and everything. Just couldn't do it.

The computer screen is shining brightly, it's comforting. awww now it's gone.


Oh look it's an eternity of some number or some thinng. FUCK, I keep going out into the hallways to see if I have to urinate, but then I forget to and just come back here. and write about it? Guess so. I think I managed oh OHHHHH! Not again you fucker!

The people that I live with are going to think I'm on LSD or something.

Gotta jumpstart this baby onto my lap again. I can't wait to go through all the shit I went through after I'm successfully grounded. Why am I thinking about sweet griffons? and why are they so sweet!? I have no responsibilities right now, or even all of tomorrow. We gotta get some weed in us. Wait, there's only me here. I gotta get some weed in ME. Not us. Minutes are going by like seconds at times. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm going to watch.

Enough of this plastic. I'm gonna draw."

My vision had returned to normal after I finished drawing. It was now 11:00 PM, I would be awake all night. I never managed to sleep, I didn't even try, I stayed on my computer. The next day I devoted to scrounging and planning on getting weed. I needed it badly. The acid "over-fixed" me, and I needed weed to get me back to normal. Everything was unpleasant that day until I managed to get some weed. Mild smells would drive me mad, I had to go into my basement to breathe, everywhere else had annoying aromas. In total I was fully awake for over 40 hours. Midnight the next night I fell asleep as soon as I laid on my bed.

Say yes to acid.

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