I couldn't get away

I went to see a movie in a gigantic elborate theatre with a girl I hate. The theatre walls were mostly white with futuristic chrome edges. When we got into the theatre the movie turned out to be really long and barely enjoyable. The audience started singing a very well put together song about masturbating in the movie theatre complete with hand gestures to the song. Like hokey pokey. I moved away from the singers leaving the dumb bitch behind. I sat with my hands on my lap and everyone started accusing me of jerking off. So I left the theatre and walked down a long white-silver hallway, then went back down the same hallway but turned right into another theatre that was playing the same movie. I got in and this movie was just beginning. Fuck. I figured I would wait there for a bit then ditch the retard bitch and go home. Out of nowhere I heard someone mention the masturbation song (FUCK!) and I put my hands up where everyone could see them. So they would have had no reason to even consider bothering me. A punk chick noticed and started saying that she wouldn't fuck me because my skin was too white and that I should eat more tomatoes before anything is going to happen between us. "This bitch is insane" I thought aloud. I informed her that I had no intentiuon of having sex with her. She leaped on top of me, then started grinding and making sexual noises. Since this was a dream I couldn't gather the strength to push her off of me so I decided to allow it.

The dream then switched

To a big Ninja Turtle dream, like an entire episode with plot twists and everything, but I can't remember any of it. It was the coolest, dudes.

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