Lucy in the sky is the shit
Everyone should do LSD

I only did one hit, but who knows how potent it was. I was sitting in the philosophizin circle as I popped my hit, chewed for a bit then swallowed. While I was coming up we smoked about $40 worth of weed. The others that I was with didn't want to take their hits that I bought them, they were somewhat afraid or uncomfortable with the idea. I told them to take them home with them for later. They wanted to see what I was like on it before they tried it. I finally started to rise, it felt as if I had a billion jiggawatz of steam. I bounced my legs up and down for about an hour and a half non stop. Then, I did a couple hits of catnip. Joncolbs brought catnip for us to smoke, he read somewhere on that internet thing that it makes you feel alright. I was up for anything so I did a few hits. I don't remember feeling anything from it, but that was most likely because of the acid's power. I felt the metal on the chair I was sitting on, it felt like I was petting a freshly washed puppy. For a moment I thought I heard the windows error message, I was probably just imagining it. The trees that were nearby had the most amazing colour to them. As the sun gleamed off of it's leaves and I took it in I eventually felt extremely good, nothing could possibly have bothered me. Eveyrthing was alllllright. Super. Better than super,I'd say everything and everyone was super duper A-okay. Mother nature crashed in and caused everyone to get a little cold so we tried to figure out a place to go, but we couldn't think of anything so Joncolbs and The Craftwalker went home. Three of us were left, and that was a small enough number to go home and get sweet food.

We stopped off at the local convienience store for money and something to drink. As I was inside I could feel the machinery, but not in a physical sense. It was an odd feeling, and was fairly uncomfortable. It's hard to explain. It was as if several robots were looming over me, trying to intimidate me. As we left I shouted "freedom!" and we walked back to my place.

Changes of setting on LSD is pretty intense, since my whole trip was colour oriented. On the walk home The clouds were purple, I thought they were supposed to be, but they were white so the G-miester says. All of the clouds were different shades of purple, pure white clouds were purple to me and dark gray ones were dark purple ones. Psychedelics favourite colour must be purple. It's that type of purple that is mixed with blue, like the colour for this site. Psychedelic Purple. When I saw birds flying, yellow streams would come off of their wings, with a black trail. As if they were slicing through time and space and that was the visual effect that went along with it. Upon entering my room, as I got a chance to notice my surroundings I saw that G-miester and B-miester's skin colour had changed to orange in this light. The whole room had a beige feeling to it. My vision was so clear that it was confusing me.

When we got the sweet food I was peaking, and had the munchies from the pile of weed we smoked not too long ago. This food was heaven. I have never liked food that much. It was like eating a cloud that had sweetness pockets all over it Imagine the best you have ever felt sober, and then times that by 100, that is how good eating this food was, peaking on LSD. Hell just sitting around on LSD is 50 times better than sitting around sober. We watched the new episodes of The Simpsons Family Guy and American Dad. I'm not sure if these shows are actually good anymore, but on acid they were way too funny. I was in pain from laughing. Like I said, super duper. When it was 9 B-miester and Gmiester went home to crash, as they smoked quite a bit of pot.

I decided I didn't want to be alone so I threw on the msn. I talked to Joncolbs and he decided to do his hit at 11:11. I would stay up with him while he went on his journey, as I was ending mine. At this point I was still going through the peak, every so often it would rise up again just as I thought I was coming down. This drug made me want to experiment with everything. I made a drawing that turned out awesome. I should have played that colourful Zelda game I have. It would have been sweet to play video games, but it didn't occur to me to do so. For the first time I sang out loud to entertain myself. Music was wonderful. If there is one thing you do on acid you should listen to music. Make sure you have shit that rocks out, because that's what you'll want to hear most likely. It's because you have all this energy and you want it to be expressed or someshit. That's my theory. Either way, it's wicked.

I remember looking down at my shirt buttons, they were green, and glowing in a subtle way, yet very bright. At one point as I was typing on the computer small things would pop up on the screen when I was concentrated on the keyboard. When I would look directly at the screen they would be gone. I suspected it was monitor elves. The keyboard was amazing to look at as well, the shoadows on the sides of the keys were purple and green. At one point a rainbow scampered over my hands as they rested on the board. Constantly, I would see rainbows out of the sides of my vision. It was rainbow madness.

At 2AM I was finally all the way down. I could still feel it's presence but not enough to mess with me. It took another day with rest for it to fully go away. The next night with weed was better than normal. Weed is the miracle drug, it takes any sensitive feeling you have and enhances it; meaning it will shoot you back up into LSD world. LSD almost makes you forget about how weed feels. Damn, LSD is too cool for school.

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