Salvy Dee
Didn't make me feel so hot.

I didn't want to do this crazy shit on the day I did it. I had to go to work very soon and I thought that it would last too long. They assured me it wouldn't intervene in my plan to go to work feeling alright a few times and then I gave in. I did two hits of it and held both of them for a long while. The feeling hit me like a piano demolishes an old lady when it flies down a staircase at her. First my vision went black at the sides of my eyes as everything became hard to hear and understand. Ehh was sitting across from me so I spoke to him and then he laughed, I don't remember what I said. I put my attention on what was in front of me, I saw some flowers that were red, blue, green and yellow. These flowers (as I discovered the next day) were actually all yellow. So we think, (maybe they weren't and they all died over one night and turned yellow for some reason). Five pathways opened up to me after a few seconds of being in this trip, I said "If I stay here they can't get me". In my mind I believed that at the end of each path there were evil beings that were out to do me wrong. I became extremely uncomfortable, I started to get sweaty, then it felt like my joints were trying to eat my sweater so I took it off. It stuck to me and felt so wrong as it slipped off. I suddenly felt like there were sunburns on my back that were making me more uncomfortable. My chair felt like it was pulling me down while trying to go up through my ass. The whole experience was nearly unbearably uncomfortable. Salvia is not something to do anywhere but in a calm place among a few friends. When I snapped back into reality I was frigidly cold and drained emotionally and physically. I never felt more depressed. I had to sit with my head in my hands for a few minutes. It felt like my trip had lasted only two or three minutes but it was actually around 10. I didn't want salvia ever again. Now I've changed my mind, I'm going to give it another shot when I don't have anything else to do or worry over.

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