First LSD trip log
Still waiting on those gumdrops.

11:11 PM 5/15/2005
I created this notepad log file imediatly after I took my hit of acid, exaclty on the first second of 11:11

11:23 PM 5/15/2005
Yeah I feel wicked so far. Strange onset. It's probably nothing. Can't be this early.

11:35 PM 5/15/2005
EtotheJ claims to be seeing rainbows. He demands to know where the gumdrops are.

11:59 PM 5/15/2005
Still nothing. I hope I chewed it long enough. Fuck you.

12:11 AM 5/16/2005
Exactly and hour, and I feel nothing.

12:40 AM 5/16/2005
Feeling it now for sure. Weird vibes baby.

12:42 AM 5/16/2005
Being on a psychoactive drug is like watching a train go by for the first time. It looks liek it's comin' so slow, and you underestimate everything it has. Then once it's right beside you, it's so intense and fast and crazy, you didn't even see it coming. The middle of the train is a high peak at which you accept it's horrible lenght and learn to enjoy it by counting cars.

1:11 AM 5/16/2005
Fuck this, I'm going to bed. Worst Lsd ever.

1:34 AM 5/16/2005

1:41 AM 5/16/2005
I'm sitting in a retro rocking chair that is more comfortable than shit, there is pink floyd cranked, I feel amazing. But it's just not there. Nothin.

1:59 AM 5/16/2005
I'm about to get fucked up. Finally, almost three hours later. Fucking piece of shit. This stuff doesn't feel psychoactive at all. I just feel like I haven't slept in days.

2:02 AM 5/16/2005
This better keep esculating.

2:16 AM 5/16/2005
Boston is a fucked band eh?

2:19 AM 5/16/2005
I feel like I'm on an upper with post-downer affects. This is fucked. I want more though. It's not nearly as intense as stupid people make it sound.

2:26 AM 5/16/2005
Hahaha holy fuck man, the who is nutz.

2:30 AM 5/16/2005
I have that odd never leaving feeling of some sort of organic disruption in the back of my throat, odd. resmembles shrooms. maybe it isn't organic/

2:33 AM 5/16/2005
I wonder what it looks like if i stare into a mirror.

2:42 AM 5/16/2005
When I close my eyes and think hard, it seems like all my thoughts are in negative image. Whatever the fuck that means.

2:46 AM 5/16/2005
Someone needs to invent a psychoactive version of the internet. What we need are electronic drugs. Binary so cataclysmic that it shakes the very foundations of our minds and sends us into a spiral of drug like confusion.

2:49 AM 5/16/2005
Home brewed red wine gets you fucked and tastes hilarious.

2:51 AM 5/16/2005
I so have to fucking get into chemistry.

3:05 AM 5/16/2005
The coolest thing ever just happened. Some kid was like, "I don't wanna get too far into things I don't understand." I was like, "Good 'cause if you're stupid you won't like what you find." I'm bored alright? I'm on acid and it's 3:06am and I have nothing to do.

3:08 AM 5/16/2005
the only time psychoactive drugs result in people dying is when people who take them would have ended up dead either way

3:11 AM 5/16/2005
haha four hours later. I can't wait to take more of this shit.

3:17 AM 5/16/2005
I wanna go into an ames room right now. fuck.

3:30 AM 5/16/2005
this is the best way to discribe my night. FUCKIN WICKED!

3:45 AM 5/16/2005

3:47 AM 5/16/2005
I knew I'd dip into the jefferson Airplane soon enough.

4:04 AM 5/16/2005
Proprioception is wicked man. You can fuck with it and make yourself feel like part of a wall. We have so many sweet senses that we can fuck with. The government doesn't want us to know this though, so they made up the five senses bullshit. Fuckin' idiots. They chose the most five blatant senses because they know anyone could discover them on their own; then lie to us and say they are the only ones that exist all throughout our early childhood stages as they use fucked up sensory depriving technology to fuck with us, like stereographics. People often overlook our other sweet senses that we have the privilage of fucking with. Fuck you goverment, I know my senses, and I'm gonna fuck with all of them. There's nothing you can do about it. If I wanna confuse my brain into not knowing where the fuck my arm went, then I'm gonna do it.

4:11 AM 5/16/2005
Log files are sweet, I'll have you know that I haven't typed the date or time once. Fags. Everytime I feel like typing, I just open this file and the time and shit is ready for me. I never would have known how to do this if it wasn't for drugs. Fine I'm lying. I learned how to do it sober. So what?

4:13 AM 5/16/2005
It's five hours after I did it. The entire time I feel like I've been easing off the peak of a bad shroom trip. I feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, and safe, and wicked, and smart. Boy do I feel smart. I can't wait to do this shit again.

4:17 AM 5/16/2005
Shrooms are like BWOOOSH, I'm fucked and nothing makes sense and it's all hilarious, then "awwwwwwwww, ill just get on this wave and let it slowly carry me this way as it gets smaller and smaller - with the loss of thought train, the quotes disappear. And you are back to this exact type of though that runs in circles and confuses you. (circular eruption of terror) Is this part of a neverending quote, you may wonder? Nope. It's cirular thought patterns layed out with words. (What the fuck happened to the quote I was just emersed within?) That's what coming off a bad shroom trip feels like. The state inwhich your mind is an easy target for any bit of realistic information, and that's what I feel like now.

4:20 AM 5/16/2005
hehahh blaaaa buellll hheyee four twenty, dhuhhhhhh heeee iahhhh eeeeeee need eee, Fuckin' idiots.

I don't know if I feel like writing much more, this seems a fair bit lengthy as it is, and I doubt anyone will read it. 4:29 AM 5/16/2005
:) ...don't worry man

4:43 AM 5/16/2005
I'm going to produce a real audio sound, that actually exists, that confuses your brain so good that no drugs are required. That is how I am going to fuck the government over. I will use this to prove to people that everything is relative. If anyone denies the phyiscal proof I create, I will just call them a jock and proceed to my next victom.

4:47 AM 5/16/2005
Upon the venture of taking a pee, I discovered the disappearance of my pants and underwear. Meh, I just hope no one witnesses me walking around naked.

4:48 AM 5/16/2005
between albums, when I give my ears a rest, I notice that my sound perception is fucked. I keep hearing fucked up shit, and the roaring thunder produced by typing is just one example.

5:03 AM 5/16/2005
As sober as I thought I was, I just saw something weird. I'm pretty sure I'm just really tired though.

I don't feel like writing anymore, see ya.

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