Why you should take drugs
Study this.

This is a short description of why the author of this article is a psychonaut. He believes that when certain psychoactive drugs are taken, they enable the user to experience reality from a different angle. For example, Say you are at point A, looking down towards the finish line (Point B) of a racetrack. Everyone passes the finish line, but from where you are, you couldn't tell who won and who lost. What you need to do is go somewhere that allows you to see the truth and facts within reality. Meet point X. X is a place lacking any definative dementions. You can see more clearly from X, and you can also see the facts. You can see who passed the finish line first, and you can see who passed last. An ignorant idiot may argue that one could simply get up and walk from point A to point X, where the finish line is more visible. This is wrong. This is all a metaphore you ignorant idiot. The finish line represents reality and truth. To view the truth of reality from a different angle requires the consumption of wicked psychedelics. If you take them you will understand.

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