The System Sucks
Fuck the poe-leece

The way we live today is a pretty good one, compared to what it used to be like. Yet, it's still far from efficient. The government is still bumming out that it can't enslave people directly anymore, so it has diverted into different ways of controlling the public's minds. Mainly it uses TV, in very subtle ways TV is scaring the shit out of us. Fear and consumption, you know all that jazz. They want to keep us stupid so we don't start thinking and realize how shitty the system is and how many problems it causes. For instance, car ownership, perhaps we wouldn't fight over fuel so much if we didn't have to drive these evil machines. Instead, perhaps we should use contraptions like bicycles, or lord forbid walking. Walking is good for you, not only does it make you healthier it makes you smarter too. You see things when you walk, and you think about those things. Thinking leads to knowledge. That's why certain drugs are good for you, they make you think. The government doesn't want you to do these drugs because they will make you smart, and not stupid, like they want. Smart people are hard to control. Yet, if enough people were to do these things and stop listening to the media and form opinions from their own knowledge perhaps we could fix our problems. My guess is that we won't be able to, stupid people outnumber the smart 100 to 1 and dumb people will kill the smart people if the smart people prove them wrong. The government is just a bunch of bullies.

I learned all of this by walking and drugs.

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