Write, Trip, Trip
But no fall.

I don't believe that people can actually see unique imaginative visions by consuming psilocybin mushrooms. I think they can simply see the breathing type effects (due to confusing patterns) and closed eye visuals. I believe the only reason one can see closed eye visuals while on shrooms is due to the fact that when you close your eyes, you see weird psychedelic fuzziness. I don't know why your mind doesn't just see black, but it sees fucked up soft unfocused fuzziness shit. Pretty much like black colours I guess. And all the particles within the black fuzziness are moving and swirling in circles and past your eyes and under your ears, and even through your hair. Sometimes when you actually focus on this very unnoticeable fuzziness, your imagination turns odd shapes within the fuzzy chaos into neat little visions, or skulls attacking you if I may say; simply whatever your imagination desires. SO FUCK OPEN-EYED PSILOCYBIN INDUCED VISIONS FAGS! ...'Cause unless you're really confused for a second and see a strange pattern that starts to breathe or slightly resembles something else, then you're probably just a fucking retard thinking about things you want to see or might see - given your current level of consciousness; you're far too stupid to recall the droll difference between events and thoughts. [The Author seems to have fucked off. What a Jerk. I bet that bastard is getting high right now. If I wasn't a bunch of words, I'd beat the fuck out of him! Holy shit he's taking hours, I bet he's off somewhere on some sort of spiritual drug trip.]

I decided I would smoke some salvia divinorum with some pals halfway through this article. Boy was it wicked. It was our first time and we went with 20x extract, which was kind of silly. At first I figured that it would be way too intense visually, but I learned that this shit has huge physical effects as well. If fucked me up so bad physically that I could barely move to smoke more. I had to struggle to do everything. I felt like I was being sucked into the endless mass of mattress which I was laying on. My body weighed millions of tons. Everything was so surreal and I was trying to keep in contact with the others to see how they were doing but nothing was really letting me keep legit communication flowing. The entire time I wanted to smoke more, but couldn't physically achieve my goal. I slowly got pulled to the floor more and more until I felt so tired from resisting the force that I was nearly sleeping. The entire time electric lady land was playing. Finally I started to feel more awake and so did the others. None of us knew what the fuck just happened. We went outside for some fresh air, and soon decided that we were all way to tired to function. We split up and went our ways. Here I am, and I can't wait to fucking smoke more. Hopefully we'll end up back together tonight.

Turns out we ended up back together tonight and here I am, a proud veteran of first day salvia consumption. What I saw in the woods today would forever change my views on drug abuse. I don't believe the word abuse shall suffice anymore. I believe greater words shall take it's place, such as enhancification. When I saw my good pal Main A inhale a single harsh toke of smoke from a water-lacking water-bong, and instantly turn into a fucking mongoloid rolling in the dirt with looks of confusion so primitive that my old videography teacher would cream his pants... I knew that I wanted to be in such a state. But when Main A came to; sustained wet with terror, I felt a little odd about my current situation. I was next. I took the bong and gladly hit it up, but with dire caution and concern. I got fuckin' high, but nothing like what I had just witnessed. One day when I'm in the comfort of my own room I plan to fuck myself over on salvia, but the middle of a cold dank public park wasn't goading the best of comforting feelings at this time. Either way, salvia is the shit.

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