Trying Something New
Can get you stuck to a wall

i got the big green fucker, filled my lungs with the smoke, sat down, the next thing i know it feels like i just woke up from a nap and my body has melted to the wall, and im FUCKIN STUCK THERE. my face is stuck and i am staring at my drumset(which i am most likley attached to) i notice music is playing and it reminds me of school so it really starts to annoy me. all of sudden it feels like some fat motherfucker sat on the fabric of space and a great force is pushing my body sideways and down simultaneously. i try to speak but my jaw doesn't work and it feels like im slobbering all over myself. i look over at Main A who's head is moving up and down, my head seems to get stuck in the same rhythem. i try to say somthing but nothing comes of it, i realize now that i do have a body. by this point im freaked out as fuck, so i get up and say FUCK DIS SHIT and leave the room by this time i'm sober and i have no idea what happend before i melted, wickedpedia.

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