Attention bald people
Stop being useless.

Are you bald? Are you also undemployed? If so, please stop wasting my air, scumbag. I refuse to share my oxygen with you, you're not contributing anything, you're only taking. Either get a job or eliminate yourself in a clean and timely manner.

You have no hair, therefore you are not filtering my air. I am pulling my weight, I have a lot of hair on my head, and it's thick too. But you, no, you're wasting the breatheables, give them back. I'm very fond of air, I may even be addicted to it, the last thing I need is some shiny headed assholes breathing it all in.

If you're bald and you have a job, it better be a good one to make up for all the air you're wasting, or I'm going to go bowling with your severed heads. I suggest slamming your penises in piano doors to avoid spreading your shitty genes into the future generations.

You have no hair.

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