First Trip
Water and walking

We had only 3.5 each for my first time with shrooms. It was more than enough for me, I didn't think it was going to be, but then again, I knew absolutely nothing about them before that day. Before shrooms, a person has no idea of what they're like, they cannot be explained well, they have to be done for yourself, then you will see. I was so naive, they were unlike what I expected in every way. Let me try to explain what I felt. I felt as if I were a brain on a stick in the middle of a field and that some unknown force was threatening to push my stick over. See, that is not a good explaination of what shrooms are like, I don't think a good explaination for them even exists. I felt as if everything was "real" for the first time, as if I were experiencing everything as it really is and it was confusing. It was like I was detached from my body almost.

We decided to walk around the entire time we were tripping, venturing to different places. We started out by going to the bank for some reason. While we were there, the walls pulsated and swirled and the fake plant gently swayed. We then decided to get water, it was Jonesin's idea, Mangy thought it was a good idea too, as water saved him from a bad trip once. So we purchased a large bottle of water, on shrooms at the seven eleven. Then we walked to a park where we sat on swings and looked at the spotlights from the nearest casino. The spotlights had white versions and red versions, or so my mind was telling me. After a while we walked down the street more, then I was lost, I didn't know where I was and this was the part of the city that I grew up in. Luckily Mangy still knew. We then decided to go to a hill that has a lot of bright lights and signs and attractions. When we almost at the hill Jonesin spoke up and told us that he couldn't go there or he would go into a bad trip, it would be an information overload. So we didn't go, instead we walked down some interesting streets, then walked Jonesin home because it was midnight, we thought. Time is way too hard to get on shrooms, I had no concept of it, even if I had a watch I would never be able to understand it, I couldn't even understand my jacket at the time. In fact, my jacket was the most confusing thing ever. I can't tell you what was confusing about it, it just was. I'll probably never understand it again. Actually, before we walked Jonesin home we sat on a bench in a different park near some drunks that were playing on the swings nearby. It was good because they took the heat off of us, the police would get them before us. But it's not like they could have done anything anyway, all we had on us was water.

I remember at one instance, really hating meat and never wanting to eat it again so long as I lived. Also, I decided I wasn't going to litter anymore. I was also really enraged at the police and got really loud about it, so I'm told, but that's not the way I remember it. I remember Mangy and Jonesin telling me that the police were corrupt and that they would come by us and hassle us for no reason. I was yelling that I would tell them to fuck off and I wouldn't stand for it etc. They were making it seem like the police were out to get us, without a cause. They were saying many untrue things about the police. They deny it, and they're probably right, it is two against one, but that's what I remember.

After Jonesin was home Mangy and I walked back towards our end of town. We walked by a building with a big sign out front that said "professional building" in stone. I laughed so hard, and even jumped up and down a bit. It was very funny. Then we walked through a parking lot with a bus that said "lamer tours" on it. Again, very fuckin funny. We had to cross a highway at one point. A woman was parked in the middle of the road and was immobile, she decided not to drive anymore I guess, Mangy exchanged facial expressions with her. Mangy went into his house and then I was alone for the rest of the walk home. I was still pretty fucked, I remember almost thinking that I was schizo, but then realizing that I was just thinking to myself all along. The roads were deserted, everything was quiet and very dark, I had to walk through a part of town that has a lot of run down buildings. There was a large bridge at one point that I crossed, it was very high up, the lights on it weren't working, which made the situation scary. So here I was, alone, at 1AM, no one around, in the dark, on top of a very elevated bridge, with dilapidated buildings and small bush areas all around, walking down the middle of the bridge and scared out of my mind. I looked to my left and saw the letter A swoop at me, but it was questionable, almost invisible. Then an airplane swooped at me, again, very questionable. I looked to my left and saw the moon placed on a bluish purple night sky. I walked a few more steps, still looking at the moon then a dark tower appeared in front of the moon for a brief moment, then went away. Every few steps it would flash there then be gone just as fast as it came. I started to run home, through the dark shortcuts of scumville, the more I ran the more afraid I became, so I slowed it down to a walk and felt a bit better. At least I was off that damn bridge.

I finally made it home. I felt stomach pain, so I made a sandwhich. I wish I took a picture of it, it was the poorest sandwhich ever. The meat was on the bottom, and the mayo was slopped everywhere. What a mess. After I ate it I felt disgusted and decided to never eat that meat again. I checked up on the other two, to make sure they were alright via msn then tried to sleep after playing an RPG (which was way too hard on shrooms). I couldn't make it to sleep, every time I tried I would get really afraid, but I didn't know what I was afraid of. It looked like my door was stretching for a moment. I turned the TV on to the kids station to take my mind off of frightening shit, then quivered in fear until I fell asleep at the sheer confusion that is "ants in your pants".

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