Fuck You Dalton
I will kick your ass

Fuckin' Dalton announced that the literary skills of Ontario highschool students are rising, but girls continue to do better than boys. David Olson some dickhead working for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education instists that, "The problem is boys prefer to play hockey and video games and things like that." Fuck you asshole. Girls like to do that shit to, they just suck at everything else so all they have to do is read and write and study like the inferior assholes that they are. 79 percent of boys pass, and 86 percent of girls do. Whopping fucking difference. What is the ratio of boys to girls anyways? It sure isn't fucking even. That dick also said, "It probably goes up because people have a better idea of what the test requires; undoubtedly that's a factor" Maybe that is because the education system is a piece of shit anyways, people aren't getting more fucking literate, they're becoming more prepared for the bullshit you put them through, which produces better results. According to these tests, men are less intelligent than women, even though we run all the tests. Makes sense. "I'm going to give you a test to see how smart you are. Hey turns out you're smarter than me, oh well I'm in power, bitch." Fuck Ontarios stupid deaducation system. And Fuck stuck up snotty reality lacking book worm bitches.

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