Light crabs and brass elephants

It was christmas time and my family was opening gifts, I got mine and when I opened it, it was a popcorn bag. There wasn't popcorn inside, it was a tiny crab. About the size of a looney, it was a "light crab" it glowed and always had a smile on it's face with beedy little red eyes. Then it got loose and started doing backflips all over the place and I couldn't catch it. My dog started to try to eat it but I didn't think to put the dog away. It was a stressful time. The whole while my parents sat there and commented on me trying to catch the crab, things like "nice try!" "close, but no cigar!" The whole dream was ridiculous and I was glad to be out of it when the dream finally switched to something else.

Suddenly I was walking through a really old house filled with brass elephants. The sides of the doorways were rusted and the paint on the walls was chipped in random patterns. The floor was made of wood and had many holes in it. I could see a window at the end of a hall, it was really bright outside and was causing an eerie effect inside the house. Then I went outside and explored a neighborhood like my own at 3 AM. Which means it went from day to night in a matter of moments.

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