Know This
Before you start.

Hey. If you don't know what a Psychonaut is, learn.

First of all, this site should not encourage you to break the law in any way. It is for entertainment and knowledge purposes only...

Hello to everyone. This site is a collection of things that Psychonauts will probably find interesting. This site is updated by everyone who pays attention to it. A team effort of everyone Psychonautical. One of the things we want from this website is to have a place to put all of our extra creations, what we want more is to bring general Psychonaut experiences and creations together, to share with everyone who would care to view it. The site is not just about drugs, it's about everything, just highly in favor of the positive effects of drugs. Take a look at the entries to see what kind of things we put up here. Feel free to submit something to it in whatever way you feel fit. Like the forum, or this e-mail address. Keep in mind that your entries are less likely to appear on the site if the entry in question's spelling and grammar are terrible.

The forum "School Of Ridiculisms" is a rad forum. (You can submit there too.)

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