Dead animals and the lottery

Dream 1: I am in my kitchen and it is my birthday, yet it is summer. I scratch a ticket and it turns out that I have won 82 billion dollars. At first I think it's a fake ticket, one of those gag things that you can buy for a dollar. It turns out it isn't a fake and I am whisked away in a van that shows up at my house. They have a bunch of cameras and reporters there and they are all desperately trying to talk to and record me. The whole dream didn't show a single hint that it was a dream, this was real to me. It was the most vivid dream I have ever had, every little detail was there from the smell of the seats to the barely apparent camera noises. Everything. Then I say "This is a dream, this has to be a dream. Just a complex dream, nothing this good could ever happen to me" Everyone stops what they are doing, sits up straight and disappears, the van disappears, the world disappears and I am left in complete darkness for the remaining seconds until I wake up swearing.

Dream 2: There is a large pool in the middle of the road out front of my house, what I refer to as the "pool nazi and his pool bitches" own this pool, they also always give me shit for one thing or another. They're British. Being in their pool is almost like being treated like a kid in grade school. I went outside and dove in their pool and they yelled at me for diving, then they yelled at me for going under the water. I looked at the other swimmers and noticed that they were just standing upright not swimming or moving around at all, this is due to the many rules that the "pool nazi and his pool bitches" have for their pool. Yet everyone still comes. I assume it must be a very hot place in this dream. A certain small boy would always rat me out to the supervisor of the pool and the owner of the pool. The first time I made "water noises" and the second I acted like I was going to hold my breath. After those two violations I get out of the pool and swear at the small boy, he of course tells the pool supervisor whom I refer to as "Big Bertha" Which is played by my old lunch supervisor from grade school. I scuffle with her and she throws me over her shoulder into the pool, then yells at me for making a splash. Everyone boos and hisses at me, the owner and Bertha insult me as I walk back into my house, defeated. This next part of the dream freaked me out a bit when I woke up. I spent a few days looking up the pool nazi's family members, I found them, hacked them up with a saw and put them in a stew. I sent the stew over to the pool nazi by asking my neighbor to deliver it. She delivered it and he ate it and thanked her, then my voice came over a megaphone and said "Do you like animals?" Pool Nazi pauses. "Sure you do, everyone likes animals" then I pull a rope and a giant bag of various dead mutilated animal corpses plummet from the sky and fall into his pool. He and his pool bitches stand there shocked, then I say "By the way, that stew was made out of your parents" then toss down papers which prove it, finally adding "bitch" as it hits the pile of dead animals and opens for him to read it.

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