Baby throwing

Adam Brett and myself are running around a weird vegas like city that is our own. It is night and during the summer. We go into random stores and start to operate them without the permission of the owners, yet the owners never care in the least.

The dream switches.

I'm at work (Blockbuster) and I'm being extraordinarily mean to everyone, not just the people that I come into contact with either, I go out of my way to be an ass to random people. There are large glass windows all around the Blockbuster, I decide to steal a van and drive it through one. I execute my decision easily. There's an odd cafe in front of the Blockbuster that isn't there in reality. I've dreamt of this weird cafe before. It has an orange roof and is also heavily windowed.

Suddenly I've changed my attitude. I go back into the Blockbuster and an old lady is being an ignorant moron to a fellow employee who I am partial friends with. She's having a hard time dealing with the old lady and is getting upset. I grab the old lady's shoulder and elbow her in the face, then spin her around and kick her in the ass so she's sent sprawling through a glass doorway and out of the store, where she lands face first onto the concrete. It was the best feeling I have ever had in a dream.

The dream switches back to the first part with Adam and Brett.

Brett Adam and I find a cave beneath a corner store, and start venturing through it. This part of the dream was portrayed to me in black, white and brown. The dream at this point felt like an old video game. We basically just jumped over streams of a very bright blue to reach the end of the cave where the end boss was waiting. The boss is a bird creature (there was a sky in the cave specifically so the bird would have room to attack us) that is also brown, I think of it as a thin flying turkey. There is a pile of live babies in the corner of the boss chamber, to defeat the bird boss we have to throw the babies at it. We do, and we have no problems doing it either. Thowing babies was like a second nature.

The dream switches.

I am outside the front of my house, at the end of the driveway. A gaggle of small children, girls and boys, are with me. I have an odd pink balloon that when I tucked my knees close to my chest it would lift me off of the ground and start floating with me up into the sky. It would not stop unless I straightened my legs out, I would float into space if I kept them tucked towards my chest. The children are fascinated with my balloon, they ooh and ahhh every time I float into the sky a bit. I never let myself go too high because I'm afraid of high places. Never any more than 8 feet before I set it down. I then let the balloon go and don't even care, because I got bored with it. The children disintegrate like sand in the wind as I walk to my mother's van. All vehicles in my dreams are vans, I have no damn clue as to why. I then get into the van and look at gold writing that is covering the dashboard completely. I don't read it and instead start peeling it off like skin and putting it in my pocket for later use.

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